Goal Progress

  I have been making progress on my goals to get done before Cata.

 My priest now has 69 mounts. I picked up the Grey Argent tourney pony (the human one), all the Nether Rays, the armored Snowy Gryphon, and the Black War Ram. I’ll have another in a few weeks once I get my Violet Proto Drake. I need to get off my ass and grind out the rest of the Triumph Badges for the mammoth mount. It’s not hard; I just don’t feel like it right now, especially for a mount that I will never ride. I’ve started doing the dailies for the White Polar Bear – so far I’ve gotten snowballs and food. 😦

 Easily obtainable mounts right now for me:

 1) Triumph badge mammoth (ugh… fugly damn mount)

 2) Red Drake from Wyrmrest rep (don’t feel like dropping another 1600g right now)

 3) White Polar Bear (yay, rare drop grinding but I can get snowballs to pelt Keeb with… win?)

 4) OS 3D drakes (put together a group, kill dragons, hope to win roll)

 5) Glory of the Hero red proto (I have less than 10 achievements to go. Still need the really hard ones like Less Rabi and Zombiefest. Some easy ones still left like the Oculus drake riding ones.)

 6) Kureni Rep (I’m already friendly; at least I’m part of the way there.)

 7) Last two PVP mounts, the Elekk and Battlestrider. (I’ll probably get this done in the next few days.)

 8) Grind out Frostsaber rep. (How much do those freaking cats eat, anyways?!)

 9) Grind out Cenarion Expedition rep. (I’ve always wanted a hypogryph anyways…)

 I ran Kara with Jor the other day. No mount 😦 It is nice to have found a tank after the same mount and he has the key. I did, however, pick up the Witch’s Hat and the Staff of Infinite Mysteries. I bet he thought I was odd by asking if I could have these two things. I seem to have a nice collection of staves in my bags that I pull out in randoms to play around with. I like to see if anyone notices the crazy T10 Priest with the level 60 or 70 staff equipped. I still need Molten Core so I can start the Benediction quest. AJ got a wild hair and wanted to run MC the other night at like 0500 hours. I had to pass in favor of sleep.

 I picked up another 300 or so honor kills today from random BGs. I’m at 5700 something now. I hope to get to 10k this weekend. I actually got really close to honor cap today before I bought the Black War Ram. Alliance was surprisingly good in AB today so I managed to get some rep towards Justicar. We actually beat a Horde guild pre-made that was intent on farming us for honor. I kinda didn’t want to leave for work since it was going so well.


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