Dear Tanks:

Dear Tanks who are not Bears:

Get some fucking Defense – 500 is a big number but it’s not enough. Keep trying and come back when you’re capped for heroics.

No Love,

The Disco Priest that burns her Pain Suppression in the first hallway of H UK. ūüė¶

Twice in a week I have experienced a tank not at def cap. Bright and I had one in H UP when he was healing that was at 504 def and had turned 80 not 5 minutes before. His health was 18K unbuffed and was an astounding 20K buffed with my Fort. I did not set a paw into a heroic unless I had at least 25K health. I was not about to inflict myself on a group or a healer.

Anyways… Bright tanked most of that instance in a Holy PVP spec and gear. He would hold aggro better and could take hits better. He tanked, dps’d AND healed bosses in H¬†UP all at the same time! I helped him out and spot healed – popping out of shadow. But, for the most part, it was all him.

I had a DK tank in H UK with 520 def that pulled the entire first hallway. I blew my Pain Suppression and everything I had. She had the nerve to ask where her heals were: “lol no heals?” I told her to leave and she did. I really didn’t have the patience to deal with that shit. Any other day I would have seen it as a good challenge but I was just trying to get my damn Frosties in a dungeon I’ve seen 100’s of times.

I feel bad now when I think back on it. I should have been a little more patient but damn it. I’ve spent a considerable amount of time and effort on my toon. I know people are new to the game but they knew they would hit 80 soon. I’m not saying they need to be well read but they need to do some forward planning. Forward planning could be getting an alchemist to make you some +def elixers or leveling your cooking to make some +def food to eat – that would be around +80 def right there. I wouldn’t mind healing an 18K health tank that was def capped. I’ve done it before. People don’t realize how hard things hit to begin with. A tank could be getting a string of 2-3K hits and double that same string and you are looking at a new tank’s entire health pool in a very short amount of time.

Bliz makes all these little side things to help new people and I don’t understand why people can’t or won’t find it. I remember I got a quest reward in Outlands that was Adept’s Elixer. That was my first brush with anything that could improve my healing that wasn’t gear or food. I made it a point to have some of it on me for¬†when people asked me to do dungeons. I couldn’t find it in the AH and I had an alchemist make me some. I had one alchemist give me a Frost Wyrm flask with strict instructions to try it when I turned 80. I am so glad he did.

Patch Day, screw you!

It’s Patch Day, meaning everyone is screwed at the server coming back on time. Nice, now I can’t get anything done before work. ><

Anyways…. Here’s some screen shots…

AJ helped me run POS a few times for the shield. Towards the end it was pretty much a joke for our well over geared Paladins… I didn’t know you could tank with the monkey costume on…

AJ tanks Tyranus as a monkey

It paid off in the end tho:

this is actually right after I won the Heroic Abacus

Ever see a Tree working a cannon in SotA? No? You’re welcome.


I got to tank some in ICC the other day.

2 Tanks and a Baby

I got a shiny new polearm!


I deserved this after a few LK attempts:

That's better...

AJ and I did Molten Core the other day. I got the other part I need for Benediction. I am saving it for when I can really enjoy the quest after all this holiday bullshit is over.

It was amazing to see Ragnaros come up out of the lava. It literally took my breath away. I can see why some people prefer Vanilla WoW. The new raids lack a certain epic quality.

Holy crap, he's big!

To the face!


Don’t put your cold, wet nose there!

Bright's Druid getting frisky

Yeah, we’re a bit silly…

New Strat: Dance Off


¬† That god damn shield finally dropped! Weeks of farming finally paid off! I had pvp’d on my priest¬†with Bright most of the day and lost all patience for it after a string of stupid losses. (My priest is now exalted with Stormpike… Justicar 1/3 of the way done.) I switched over to my Pally and jumped into the POS Q for the millionth time.

The most amazing thing happened. The Q popped as soon as I entered it. I started to get a good feeling about this one. I zoned in to a warrior tank with around 24K health but the dps was all ranged. They actually waited for me to buff before running off! Holy shit! We didn’t have any problems¬†until I had to take a “brb” to help my mom get the groceries in. The tank didn’t see my invisible healer text and pulled the first pack of the Hill of Doom. I came back to the computer to see everyone dead but me and the rest of party telling the tank I was AFK.¬†

I rez’d who I could and we made it up the hill and through the cave. Tyranus didn’t even glitch out on us. He fell and there was my new shield! I freaked out on vent with Bright. I was all “OMGOMGOMG! IT DROPPED!!!” Bright was all, “what are you talking about?” I celebrated my new shield by getting into an ICC 25 and winning the HEROIC Abacus trinket! +201 Spellpower! OMG, yes, please! Yummy, yummy spellpower. My Pally now has the 2¬†BiS trinkets in the GAME. I am thrilled.¬†

¬†Sorry to the other Holy Paladin in the group that didn’t pay attention to the loot rolls and didn’t roll on the trinket. Maybe next time you will listen in vent and read your raid chat. I won with a 94 so it probably wouldn’t have helped you anyway, idiot. Way to rage DC and screw over the rest of the group, real mature.¬†

I also got into an ICC 10 the next day and won the HEROIC Mail Helm off of the Lootship. I had been looking at the Loot table for it and there was that helm. I was thinking that it would be really cool if it dropped since there was no shaman in the group¬†and there it was. I know it’s a Shaman helm but it has HASTE, more haste than any of the 264 badge¬†stuff I could wear. It is a very¬†solid upgrade. It has 20 more haste than my T10 helm, 31 more spellpower and 8 more int. I just saved 95 Frosties. Thank you, <Chromatic>, for allowing me into one of your semi-guild runs.¬†

I am going to go home and make the 264 mail healing boots for my Pally (more haste than the plate ones by 14). After that, all I will need is the 25 ICC shield from Marrowgar and bracers from Lady D, the neck from Rotface and the ring off Marrowgar. I have been farming the holiday boss for the new +haste cloak to upgrade my 213 one. So far, after 4 attempts on the Pally, I have only seen the tank cloak. The two extra Frosties were nice, too. 


Bright is on a personal crusade to get me all the pets I don’t have. I think he’s nuts but it makes me very, very¬†happy. It is hard to find another person to¬†farm stuff with and he is a joy to be with and talk to. I think he got me 4 pets last week. I am starting to loose count now.¬†

We’ve been in Zul’Aman twice now. He got Mojo the first night and we came up empty handed last night. We learned the hard way not to try to do any bosses. We attempted one and it was just horrible. We failed pretty badly.¬†

We have also been in Magister’s Terrace for the Phoenix and the mount the last two nights. I asked him if the Orb of Sindorei dropped in there and he said it did. It dropped from Kael the first night and I ninja‚Äôd it. It dropped from the Priestess last night so he got one, too. Kael dropped the Phoenix last night and I was SO, so very happy! I‚Äôve wanted it even before I played the game. My best friend has it on all of his toons and I always thought it was cool seeing a little phoenix follow him around.¬†

I started the Fire Festival stuff on my Priest, too. It is all that stands between me and the Violet Proto. So far the LFG for the holiday boss has been really cool! Gone are the days of struggling through miles of trash and everyone toon swapping to summon the boss multiple times. Also gone is the constant spamming of trade chat to find people who can summon and hoping not to get screwed by a loot ninja. I don’t have to worry about trekking all over creation to get to a low level dungeon and possibly getting lost on the way. (Looking at you, BRD.) 

I only had time for one boss run on my Priest before work. I got it into my head that I needed the caster staff that looks like a scythe. I don’t really NEED it but it would be a nice addition to my collection of staves. I think I might have found my Lich King weapon, too. I opened my goodie bag at the end to find it in there! Only one run to get it! Bright was with me at the time, he must be good luck! I am totally bringing him along with me from now on.

Seriously People… wtf?!

So… my not-so-little Paladin has been trying for the Protector of Frigid Souls shield from regular Pit of Saron for a few weeks now, practically since I hit 80. It’s a nice upgrade from my ilvl 200 and I get Triumph badges from bosses, so it’s not too bad.

The Dungeon itself is easy. Finding sane people who stay the entire time is not. It takes me an average of 20 to 45 minutes just to get into the damn instance. I spend my time picking herbs; so much so that I made 30 frost wyrm flasks last night alone. I still have 5 Frost Lotus in my bag and about 5 full stacks of Lichbloom and 10 full stacks of Icethorn. (Which I hear is going for ridiculous prices on the AH. I farm my own so I don’t really know. I have never seen another person farming the herbs… I am confused…)

Anyways… what was I say? Oh, yeah…

It takes me seemingly years to get into the damn thing. I zone in and people are already mounting. I don’t have time to set Pally Power and buff everyone before we are in battle. I can’t use the Pally Power in battle and my Vuhdo wont set my¬†Beacon/Sacred Shield target while in battle, either. So, I am all out of sorts and people are bitching about buffs or lack thereof. You will get King’s, I promise, assholes. Give me¬†a god damn minute. Yes, I know Crusader Aura is still on – one thing at a damn time. I’ve just been flying around Stormpeaks for a fucking hour waiting on you douche nozzles. Fuck!

So I frantically buff and make my aura what it should be. We pull the first boss. People are too good to get behind the rock.¬† That damn caster staff drops like it always does. (Free 22g from a vendor tho.) People drop group. Wait 5-10 minutes for a replacement. May or may not loose another person from waiting too long and lack of patience. Whatever. We get more people – do Krick and Ick. People are¬†too good to move out of poison nova, they die, complain about no heals and leave. I can’t do anything about a mage getting one shotted because they don’t know the meaning of the word “ranged” as it pertains to DPS. So… we wait for more people at the Hill of Doom. Remaining people may or may not leave. We get replacements and tackle the hill. Usually at this point the group remains intact until the last guy. The tank doesn’t wait for the boss to hit him first and it bugs out. If there is another pally, I get DI’d. We start again. People don’t stop DPS when they get the brand. I don’t mind blowing Lay on Hands, it’s CD will be well over by the time I get in here again. We live, collect lewts. Lewts that do not include the fucking shield.

Re-Queue for reg POS. Circle Stormpeaks again for more herbs. Change up the scenery and go to Sho Basin for Goldclover and Adder’s Tongue. Maybe make it back to Dalaran to craft some flasks because my bags are almost full again. Go to AH at Ironforge – post lots of pots, flasks and some¬†gems.

POS pops again… Rinse and repeat…

Go to bed dejected that the damn thing didn’t drop again. Wake up the next day and smile at all the gold in the mailbox. ūüôā

Pally is Ally again

I finally got fed up with the silence that is Horde on my server and brought my Pally back to being a Draenai girl. I loaded up my level 7 Belf pally with some bags and 500 gold so he should be fine for leveling.

Just as soon as I brought her back I got into an ICC 10 man. I picked up some new boots and gloves. I have the boots on but I do not want to loose the haste on the gloves right now. ICC healing plate is so jacked up on stats. It killed me to loose the POS mail boots with haste but the ICC ones were far supperior in every other way. I collected enough badges for my T10 chest so I made a little bit of a haste gain, even with loosing the boots. I am at 619 haste right now, unbuffed. Almost to that magic number of 656!

I really, super need the shield from ICC 25 – I am going to work on that tonight, hopefully. It seems like all the ICC groups start up right as I head out the door for work. ūüė¶ I had 3 attempts at the sheild from regular POS today. Each was a trial of my patience. The last one was a group of 4 guildies from Draenor that was horrendous. The tank kept whispering me to appoligize for his tanking but it was the 3 DPS only doing around 1,300 DPS that was the problem. It took FOREVER to get through. If it hadn’t taken me 30 minutes to get into the damn thing I would have left. I let one of the DKs die on Garfrost – he had a staggering 50 stacks of the ice de-buff on him. I asked for him to get behind the rock but he didn’t.¬†I made up my mind that rez’ing him was more mana efficient than healing through 50 stacks. The tank seemed like a really nice person but he was totally pulled down by crap DPS.

Other things that happened:

My Druid got all the way to the Lich King! I tanked all of it except Dreamwalker and the Lich King, himself. Those I got to heal in my crap Resto Set. I really need to work on it but all my upgrades are in ICC but I can’t just roll on off spec stuff if some one needs it for Main Spec. ūüė¶ I don’t think my Resto Gear as it is now can get me into a PUG as Resto and why would it? My tank gear is over 1k higher gear score than my Resto gear. I can’t imagine a PUG taking a limp tree when they could have a 60K health bear. I’ve flirted with the idea of buying the healing LW patterns from ICC but I think it would be a waste. I spent 4K gold¬†on mats for my new pants 2 weeks ago. I really don’t want to spend that kind of money for something I’ll only use a few times. ¬†

My Priest got all her PVP mounts. I now have 71 mounts. I am working on getting around 1K resilence so I can look for an Arena team partner. I have a little over 600 right now. I really need a good PVP weapon. I have been using my TotC dagger and Onyxia off hand. I’m going to re-gem the dagger once I have a PVP helm. The gems in it now are unlocking my meta.

Alliance in my battle group seem to like PVP’ing in PVE gear. I see multiple 6K gear score “King Slayers” just get owned by Horde since they have zero resil. I really don’t understand this at all. I used to do that but only to farm honor for the PVP gear. The contrast between how much longer I live with and with out resil is amazing. It’s a remarkable difference. I have gotten used to the horrible patterns of the PVP gear. The cloak is really pretty, why is it so hard to make the chest match it?! Don’t even get me started on the Wintergrasp shoulders… It’s like a two UFOs hovering on my shoulders, moving up and down… up and down…. ugh!

Server downtime… not the end of the world

Since my silly server is down for 24 hours this is a good time to catch up on some stuff I’ve wanted to post.

Kells left again two weeks ago. He deleted all of his toons so he wouldn’t be tempted to come back. He will always be the greatest tank I have had the honor of healing. We had some sort of an inate understanding of each other that came from months upon months of running together. We had such a fluid dynamic that I was never stressed out when I healed him. Once, we were in Westfall because a Hordie was killing the flight master. That Hordie came after him and I saw red. I forgot I was a squishy Priest for a minute and went all out on that DK to protect my Kells.

Here is our last screen shot together:

Good bye, my stinky little dwarf

Speaking of Paladins – I am having a rather odd time as a Blood Elf. Granted, I did rage transfer my Paladin partly in protest after Keeb invited my Priest and not my Pally to our guild 25 man. My Priest needs absolutely nothing from ICC and she is semi-retired. I can’t take my bear because we have tanks. So, it’s either take my Priest or nothing. I had done a PUG ICC 25 with one of the top guilds on the server with my Pally so I know I can handle it. I got down the first wing and Festergut, even getting the sexy 264 shoulders off Marrowgar. (no haste… /cry) But, alas, I am still stuck with my over geared Priest even though we now have a Shadow Priest that can provide the buffs.





Anyways… It has been interesting to see stuff from the other side. It is nice to explore the Horde cities without the guards trying to kill me. I think I could totally live in Thunderbluff. Undercity is confusing as is Orgimar. The first time I logged in I was in Silvermoon City and had no idea how to get back to Dalaran. I was so frustrated to see my new hearthstone was set to Silvermoon City. There was litterly no one around I could ask. I wasn’t going to be a noob and ask in Trade Chat. I figured a flight point would be a good place to start.

I found the flight point to Undercity thanks to a helpful City guard. I mounted up on a dragon hawk and soared into a new, wild world. I saw things I had never seen before. I am so used to getting on the taxi and doing something else like watching Hulu for the duration. Now, I had a reason to sit and watch the scenery like I did when I started playing a year ago.

I got to Undercity and my jaw was on the floor as I flew through the entrance to get into it. It was more epic and beautiful than coming into Ironforge, which I dearly love. I ran around in circles for a while before being utterly confused with the Auction House. It’s not so much a “house” as a random guy standing up a little staircase. (Thunderbluff confused me in the same way.) It seems like things are more expensive Horde side, all except blue gems. I bought the shit out of Autumn’s Glow yellow gems for 6-7 gold a piece when I had been paying twice that much on Alliance. Frost Lotus ia also cheap at 19 gold a piece.

When I finally made it to Dalaran, I was greeted with a rather… odd… inn keeper…¬†If I saw an inn keeper like this in real life, I would turn around and find a new inn to¬†stay at… ¬†

I must break you...

I did manage to get into an ICC 10 run. It took about 30 minutes to fill the raid but I am so glad I stayed. I got the plate legs off Marrowgar with some tasty haste. Our group was 3 warriors, 2 priests, 2 druids, 2 shamen and me. It was an odd group make up to be sure. I don’t kn0w if this is common practice on Horde side, but we never had Vent. No one even said anything about it. We just got in the instance, buffed and started pulling. We did the first wing in about 45 minutes, including the weekly raid quest for the frost giant and doing the Gunship on Heroic.

After Lady Deathwhisper they all ran to the right instead of the left. I was really confused for a second and I am so glad I didn’t say anything about them “going to wrong way”. I just followed along and was slightly shocked when we were killing Alliance races on the way to the Lootship. We boarded Orgrim’s Hammer, having to go UP a ramp instead of running across the platform. It took me a second to find the little guy that gives the rocket pack, on this ship he is at the front instead of at the back.

Here I am, looking for the goblin

¬†The Horde ship has certain line of sight issues that do not exist on the Skybreaker. There are silver pylons on the edge of the deck where you would normally stand to toss heals at the away team. The away team can get line of sighted behind these and you have to run around the other side to them if this happens. It also seems like the ships are further apart from each other on the Horde version. It was funny to hear Muradin Bronzebeard yelling insults at us. He called our ship a “jalopy” at one time and that really made me laugh.

Skybreaker INC

the Skybreaker is defeated

We went on to one shot Deathbringer Saurfang. It was so cool to see that lore, with father and son seeing each other since Wrathgate. One of my raid members said something about how they are tired of watching this over and over. But I couldn’t get enough of it. It was absolutely heart breaking and it makes the scene after you defeat him all the more emotional.

We went on to one shot Festergut and Rotface. We then went to Dreamwalker and got her “up” on the second try. I am disappointed we didn’t attempt Prof. P. We had a lot of really good momentum going and I think we could have done it. The DPS warrior was putting out 10-11K dps on every fight and everyone else was around the 6-7K mark. I am grateful I got to see what I did, though. I am now honored with Ashen Verdict and stupid me forgot to get my new rep ring.

My windrider cub got a little friendly with me before Dreamwalker.

Got Milk?

Paladins must be pretty irresistible. Here’s when I was still a Draenei girl and this DK got a whole handful…

Thassarian, proving DKs aren't quite dead yet

¬†I still want to do the ICC 5 mans, The Nexus and TotC on Horde. I really don’t like not having anyone to talk to over there. I will transfer the Pally back after I have loaded up my level 7 Belf Pally with some gold and bags. It has been a really nice experiance and everyone Horde side has been really nice so far.


My Priest got to see the Lich King this week. I came in as a replacement on Krakkle’s Fri/Sat group at the Blood Queen. We did a solid 3 attempts on him and I have to do a lot of reading before I attempt it again. There is a lot of interesting discussion on Disc Priests using a down ranked bubble to have rapture procs. I don’t think that is neccessary. I think I will switch out my weapon and get my T9 2 piece bonus back to reduce the amount of spellpower I have. I think it would make more sense to have lower spellpower for smaller bubbles than using a down ranked, more expensive spell. I just need to get a suitable weapon for the job, I was flirting with the idea of using my War Mace of Unrequited Love from H Nexus but that may be too drastic of a change.

I still cannot believe I was standing here

Calm before the storm

I have heard it all now…

I am leading our ICC try outs… again… in TotC 10, which happened to be my server’s weekly raid quest thingie. I had to lead it on my Priest since my Pally is now a Blood Elf¬† (sex on 2 legs) and I found myself in need of another healer. I found a nice enough Pally to go with my Disc Priest and Snapp’s Resto Druid.

So, we zone in, buff up, eat some fish when the Pally says:

Be right back, have to smoke. My friend’s pet rabbit died.

Umm… yeah… he tried to clarify what was happening¬†with:

I don’t smoke in my apartment.

OK then… This has to be the first time a rabbit death has stopped a raid… It wasn’t even his own pet rabbit…

I have, officially, heard it all now.

It must not have been an ordinary rabbit.

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