Favorite Raid Moments

 (Kells left again this week; I will address this when I am emotionally able to deal with it, i.e. when not dealing with The Scarlet Onslaught – if you know what I mean. On a lighter note…)


I am back to leading the new peeps in the guild through TotC 10.  This is much less stressful than ICC to be sure. (Even though I got talked into leading the 25 this week, damn my care bear ways.) I got to thinking about it and I cannot wait to see Jaraxxus roflstomp that gnome. I love stupid ass Alliance get pwn’d by stuff. I am Alliance myself and that doesn’t make it any less funny. I wish I have seen more raids but I’m still fairly new to the game.

Jaraxxus pwn’ing Wilfred Fizzlebang, Master Summoner.

Someone made a song type thing out it and it is pure awesome. The first time I saw it I just knew he was going to get it. But, then I thought, no they wouldn’t do that. I was so wrong. His little death sound is such a delight after waiting ages for him to do his thing.

Downing Precious and Stinky

Rotface and Festergut’s reactions to the dogs’ death is hysterical. Del got Precious’s Ribbon and he wears it with pride. I wish I had one. 😦 All I got was some leather…

Pulling Rotface

I love being on my bear and Feral Charging into Rotface screaming WEEEEEE!!! It feels like I am totally living in that moment, if that makes sense. There is just something epic about a black bear rushing into the boss with that sound playing.

Random Alliance dudes being pwn’d by Deathbringer Saurfang

Seriously, what did they think was going to happen? Why would you just charge up to a guy that was bad ass to begin with and now has crazy super powers? They deserve what they got. I wish we could skip the scene now that I’ve seen it a million times.

Any For the Alliance run

Nothing like running into their city when they least expect it. 🙂


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