Pally is 80!

So my baby Paladin turned 80 day before yesterday in the alley of COS, my favorite instance. Thank you, Strand of the Ancients, for levels 75-79 ½ before Ally started to suck really, horribly bad. Apparently, it is cool to protect the Green gate when Blue is completely demolished. Horde at Yellow after 3 minutes after they land? Sure thing – let’s do that over and over. ><

Anyways, it was fun to get another toon to 80. I didn’t quest hardly anything and the only faction I’m friendly with is Kirin Tor. I have their god awful tabard on now. It makes me think my Concentration Aura is up. My Pally has a big, floppy thing between her legs now – not cool.

I met some real tards in my time running dungeons:

* Pally tank who thought it was funny to let things chew on me in Heroic Nexus. I told him to taunt off me and he didn’t through 2 bosses. On the boss that splits I was constantly chewed on. I told him this and he demanded to know why I didn’t put a tremor totem down. Um… because I’m a Paladin? I was OOM and sat my happy ass down to drink. He went and pulled 3 groups of trash and promptly died – killing my 2 guildies in the process. He then dropped group – good riddance.

* Another Pally tank in Heroic UK. I noticed they were getting hit really hard so I inspected her. No gems/enchants of any kind. I asked if she was def capped. She said “what is that?” I am like you have to be defense capped for heroics. Then she followed that with “why does that matter?” The ICC geared Shaman in the group then spoke up about it, too. He said “if you aren’t sure, get the fuck out”. Yay! Someone on my side for once! That tank got kicked and we got a really nice DK tank in all PVP who did wonderfully even with around 1K resilience. (Not sure how that works)

* A group in heroic Gundrak kicked me, which was funny. The DK tank was horrendous and couldn’t hold aggro against the Warlock. The snakes had poisoned everyone so I was cleansing, healing, cleansing some more, oh shit heal! The ‘Lock went down and his Mage friend sent me a whisper saying, “How about healing, scrub?” My reply was “How about sucking my cock?” and then putting the Mage on ignore. We did more trash and got more and more poisoned. I was healing my little heart out and then here comes the loading screen and a message saying I was removed from the group. My very first group kick ever. I was seriously half asleep and grumpy from not sleeping well. I don’t have a cock, but that’s neither here nor there. DPS can get really mouthy when they don’t realize what is all happening in the group. They focus on killing shit and not on the entire group like I have to. I am glad they kicked me. That tank was stressing me out.

* I farmed regular TOC for Tears of the Vanquished. I only had to run it twice because it dropped the second time. The whole two times I was there I must have gone through 10 group members. The boss didn’t drop what they wanted and they left. I farmed it again with Kells and Keeb for their alts to get The Black Heart. I have only seen it drop once and I know I farmed it on my druid at least 20 times. We ran it last night and it dropped twice, one for each of them. I am still in awe.

* Had a freshly 80 DK tank for Heroic HOL who warned us before hand. She was a few points shy of def capped and only had 23K health. But, we went with it. I was especially paranoid as Bright (Holy Pally of Awesome), was there on his Druid. I was worried that he would get on to me about stuff but he was silent most of the run. The DK couldn’t handle some pats and 2 other guildies died. I rez’d them and sat to drink. The DK ran right past me and pulled another pack – killing her in the process. “I didn’t see you drinking”, she said. I rez’d her and my 2 guildies AGAIN. Sat down AGAIN. She pulled another pack AGAIN. She died AGAIN. She then said she would wait for a healer’s mana. Good, maybe you should have learned that lesson… I don’t know… some time before you turned 80? I had to put Hand of Salvation on Bright a few times for holding aggro better than the tank. I asked him how I did and all he said was “good”. I am not sure what to think about that. He is a man a few words, but not that few.

What else have I seen? Hunters that don’t rez their pets and do half an instance before realizing they aren’t there. People who stand in Dark Smashes/AOE (Krakkle!). People who don’t move out of the black pancakes of doom in DTK. Warlocks and DKs who can’t control their pets or dismiss them – pulling extra mobs. Under geared Tanks in Heroics that insist on pulling everything in an instance, including optional bosses and trash. People running off platforms in Nexus and FOS. I died three times yesterday after groups didn’t stop DPS at the end of FOS. DK tanks who feel the need to tank with a ghoul out. Pally tanks not using Avenger Shield and butt pulling everything, not even dropping a Consecration.

On a different note, my Priest finally got exalted with Ashen Verdict last night! I know I am the last person on the server to get the title but I love it. The new ring is like chocolate for Disc Priests because I actually get the socket bonus as it’s a yellow socket. The bonus is lack luster at + 2 MP5 but still… I really don’t think I’ve ever had a socket bonus on anything.

We were pretty desperate for people for last night’s ICC 25 and even pulled in R3 – much to everyone’s great surprise. He was the same R3 as before, pulling shit off the tanks. I yelled at him on Gunship for not Feigning Death and he mysteriously DC’d never to return. And he wonders why I didn’t want him in my raids. >< Weebul had to leave because of something in his eye. We were all WTF? But he logged and Torne came in. We still had to pug around 7 people and could only clear the first wing.

But, an odd thing happened when we finally got the Gunship going. I was jumping out of the way of a rocket blast on the floor and I completely jumped off the ship. I mean, completely, falling off the ship. I didn’t want to say anything unless I died. Next thing I know, I am back on the deck of our boat in the center. I magically got teleported back. Keeb got caught in the rocket blasts (like he does) and he was pushed off the boat, same thing happened to him. I am not sure if this is a glitch or just something different about it on Heroic, but I am thankful for it. It would have been a bit embarrassing to jump off the boat. Keeb got the heroic version of the abacus trinket that I dearly love. It is kick ass for PVP.

I got the Mark of the Fallen Champion on Saurfang and Bright kept me alive with 20K+ Holy Light Crits. Dude, no wonder you go OOM. I only have 22K health to begin with, there’s really no reason to spam me that hard when I’m healing myself, too. What the hell do you have for haste, anyway? I’ve never seen such a well geared Paladin go all out on me before. It was simply amazing, I cannot wait until my Paladin can do that.


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