PVP and the Pally

I love my baby pally! But, PVP’ing with her is kinda frustrating for the Priest in me. I keep looking for my fear and my mass dispell the most. Druids are much easier to deal with once you have dispelled their HOTs – same with Paladin bubbles. My Pally can do neither of these. I was in a 1v1 with a Resto Druid the other day in AB and very nearly lost because I couldn’t dispell or damage through the HOTs. I was pretty much begging the WOW gods to grant me just one mass dispell!

Things I wish I could do on the Pally in PVP:

1) Mass Dispell. Stupid Tree Druids! AArrghh! I do have a lot of respect for them, tho.

2) Fear. Shit just pounds on me and I can’t get rid of it. Ret Aura and Beacon on me seems to help but not as much as making everything run away.

3) A HOT like Renew. Lots of peeps die before I can get a heal off if Holy Shock is on CD. I don’t really have anything to pad incoming damage.

4) Fear Ward. Fuck you, Warlocks – with your chain fears.

5) Spam AOE Holy Nova to find pesky Rogues and feral Druids. Consecration just doesn’t have the same effect as bouncing around and Holy NOVA! Kapow!

6) no Shadow Fiend to annoy people with. Pallies have no summonable pet thing. Can’t wait until Cata and I can have something to whip out and annoy people.

7) Levitate. I can’t just run off the side of Lumber Mill to Blacksmith anymore. 😦 Unless a Mage Slow Falls me.

Things I like about the Pally in PVP:

1) Lots more armor when I actually have plate pieces on. Caster plate is kinda hard to find. The shield is nice for extra armor.

2) Beacon myself + heal everyone around me = profit. I cannot wait to get some more haste and spell power! I have seen 12-13K Holy Light crits when I can get one off before the person dies.

3) Crusader Aura! Lumber Mill is always mine!

People can be such dumb-asses in BG’s, too. I have been doing Arathi Basin because Alterac Valley refuses to pop. I get in AB and people are just running around and killing each other in the roads. We loose Stables almost always right off the bat. I do not understand what is so hard for people to grasp about holding three bases. They just want to cap and cap some more without defending what we already have. Force Horde to come to us. There is no excuse to loose Stables. Get Stables, Lumber Mill and Gold Mine – keep them and win the game. It is really not that difficult. I know it’s not as sexy as a big turtle capping everything, but, it works. I want the max honor and xp here. We get that by winning and not being complete idiots.

There was a Warrior complaining that I wasn’t healing him the other day. No, asshole, I’m not coming away from the flag to help you fight like a tard in the middle of the road. People, the space between the flags doesn’t count for shit. The roads and all that grassy scenery out there are just that – scenery. Would you rather control the road leading up to Lumber Mill or the Lumber Mill itself? Pretty easy if you ask me. These are the same idiots who sit in the middle at WSG instead of going for the flags.


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