Prof Putricide Down!

The swan song of Team Short Bus downed Prof. Putricide on Sunday, 16 May 10. We got Dreamwalker “up” on Monday and tried a few times on Sindy – which is a total mess of a fight.

I wish I didn’t cry all the time. I cried after we downed Prof. I had taunted off Kells and was kiting the boss around the room, throwing everything I had at him. I still had DPS alive for once. My heart threatened to pound out of my chest. All I could hear my pounding heart beat in my ears as I searched for a safe place in the room that wasn’t covered in green slime. I don’t think I heard anything from the boys in vent. It took an eternity for his health bar to reach zero. The only thing I could think was OMG, we are going to do it this time. We are going to down this fucker. And we did down him. It took several seconds to register that he was on the floor at my paws. Then the tears started. People didn’t even care about loot at that point. He dropped the rogue/feral cat helm.

Once I again, I didn’t get any loot. The only thing from ICC I have is the tank neck from Marrowgar. Kells was saying he only gets off spec stuff. You know what, I can’t even get off spec stuff because my group healer is always another Druid. My Resto set is severely lacking.

Which brings me to Dreamwalker. We tried it with Kells tanking and me healing. We tried it with AJ tanking and me healing. We tried it with me tanking and Kells healing. We tried it with AJ tanking and Odo healing. We tried every combo we could think of. I was eventually on raid/tank heals outside the portals. I couldn’t keep everyone up. I was OOM within the first minute. Healing the Rogues was a full time job and if I took my mouse off AJ for one CD, he was down. I was so frustrated! I was crying the whole time leading up to us beating it. I should be able to keep the raid alive, I am a Druid FFS! Druids out heal everyone, all the time. Why couldn’t I do that? I felt like such a failure.

My resto set is mostly 232 with crap 200 trinkets. I don’t have anything over 245 and that’s just my helm. My Resto is mainly for show since I will almost always be tanking. I’ve had my Druid in ICC for months now, I should have better fucking gear. Lady RNG is not kind to the bear. Lots of Tree stuff drops but I can’t roll on it because it’s my off spec. We had one run with nearly ever drop was Shaman mail. WTF? I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this shit for awhile.


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