Stepping away from raiding… for the time being

My days off at work have changed to Sat/Sun, this means no more Team Short Bus. I am kinda glad. I am starting to get burnt out on doing the same damn thing over and over – never getting any farther in progression.

Last week’s Short Bus run really made me sad and even a little resentful towards people. We had Prof Putricide down to 14K before we all died. We had him down sub 3-4% many times and didn’t have the extra oomph to pull it off. I feel like my head is permanently held down in shame because of this.

I look at my Druid and I get very sad. I will never have the feral staff off Rotface that I desperately need. I healed an instance last night because I couldn’t “bear” (heh) to tank with DPS constantly ripping mobs off me.

I will be more than happy to come in as a replacement on other people’s raids but I don’t forsee Tobeume the Kingslayer anytime soon. My goal has never been to down the Lich King but only to have fun. Never progressing is not fun, it’s frustrating. So, with days off all whacky for raiding, I am taking a break from serious raiding. If Keeb needs me, I will do whatever he needs.

There are a few things I want to get done before Cataclysm and I have a Holy Pally at almost 80, too. I have lots to do still.

Goals for the Priest:

1) 100 mounts

2) Justicar title

3) 100k Honor Kills (this will take the longest, have less than 5K now *sad panda face*)

I can work on these all at the same time. I still need 3 PVP mounts; the black ram, mechanostrider and ellek. I’m just a few thousand points away from Exhaulted with Stormpike already so I’ll just have the other 2 to grind out. I figure I can grind out PVE rep like Shatari Skyguard while I wait for my BG Q to pop. I am already tired of Wintersaber rep – what a grueling grind that is. I am not even to friendly yet. >< I still need the red bug mount from AQ40, too.

Goals for the Druid:

1) Guardian of Cenarius title

2) Ravenlord mount

Short list, I know. I don’t think I am officially a Druid without these two things. I’m almost exhaulted with Cenarion Circle right now. Killing Twilight Cultists is the easiest thing in the world. I’ll have to grind out Cenarion Expedition rep in BC 5-mans but at least I’ll get the Sanguine Hibiscus for my Priest to use.

Goals for the Pally:

1) Get to 80.


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