The School of… Fuck you Bliz!

 For THREE days, I tried in vain to cap at node in Arathi Basin. I tried Stables, Gold Mine, and Lumber Mill… nothing worked. I would get to the flag first, with my orphan out, and start to claim the node with a Hordie watching me. Every Hordie waited until I had a millisecond before the node would be mine and then they ruthlessly attacked me – killing me in seconds, regardless of Pain Suppression, PWS, Renew etc. I did this, over and over and over and over – for HOURS and DAYS… The last time I was there, I lost the node and my shit, all at the same time.

 I had an all out panic attack over PVP and this stupid achievement. I knocked my computer tower off the desk and sent all my pens and snacks flying across the room. When I came back online, I asked my guildies for help with it. All I got where crickets in response. I told my guild “fuck you all” and then rage logged. I didn’t think my computer could handle another flight across the room so I went outside and called Keeb. He got me calmed down even though he thought I was silly for freaking out about it.

 I was SO upset with my guildies. I drop what I am doing all the damn time to help them. I am the unofficial five man tank for the guild, whenever someone needs a tank – I go help them out. I just turned in my Druid’s triumph badges for 10 epic gems and still have some left over. Whenever someone needs ANYTHING, I am there to help them. It really burned my ass that no one would help ME when I needed it.

 I do enjoy a bit of PVP when I’m in the mood for it. I have the beginnings of a PVP set. Mostly I run around with Del and he tells me where to go due to my flawed sense of direction. I usually end up at the top of the healing meters and I’m proud of that. BG’s are really the only place I can out heal a Druid or a Paladin.

 I PVP when I want to and on my own terms. I do not appreciate Bliz dictating to me what I should be doing in a BG. I know my comfort zone and it absolutely does not include returning a dropped flag, assaulting a node or a tower and most certainly not carrying a flag. I have a big enough target on my forehead without doing something stupid like grabbing a flag. My Priest is equal to a nearly free honor kill for a Hordie. I make it as difficult for them as I can but eventually I get silenced or interrupted or chain feared or sheep’d… The list goes on and on…

 I need this stupid achievement for the Meta so I can get my Proto Drake next month. I have to do this; there is no way around it. I read all the guides online. I was as ready for it as I could be. I had to “nut up or shut up”.

 So, with a heavy heart, I went back to Arathi Basin. I asked very nicely in /bg to please let me get a node. A fucking ‘Lock from a guild called <HAVE YOU FOUND JESUS> capped it before I could. While I do love the irony of that asshole doing something very un-Jesus like; I was still quite pissed off. I spent the next 15 minutes not healing a damn thing in protest. I just soaked up the honor. I noticed the Gold Mine wasn’t busy so I headed over there with another priest following me. Great, I thought, we’re both dead. I dismounted with my bubble on and started the arduous task of capping it. Hordies were coming down the hill but I still continued. Then something amazing happened. That other priest put Pain Suppression on me and feared all the incoming Hordies that where on me. I assaulted that stupid node and got credit for it. I cried tears of pure joy. Thank you other Disco Priest, you made me believe in humanity again. I spent the rest of that BG healing my little heart out and we even won it.

 I had noticed that AJ was doing the achievement, too. I asked if he wanted to work on it together. He said yes. Thank you! Aciel came along, too. An hour later, I had my achievement. The Horde was working on the same achievements so there were a lot of turtles in the flag rooms. One hard core PVP’er even complained about it. Lots of people pretty much told him to GTFO because we didn’t want to be there anymore than he wanted us there. He said he was perfectly happy to screw the rest of us over and kill every Hordie in sight. Eventually, AJ got tired of waiting and ran to get the flag himself. Good thing he did, that started the match for real. We both got credit for that one. We were even top heals. Take that, Mr. Hardcore PVP guy. You just got out PVP’d and you failed at not letting anyone get their achievement.

 Tam wrote a good post about it over at He said:

 I’m genuinely surprised that School of Hard Knocks is still required for the meta, and in its current infuriating form. Especially after all the QQ last year. Chas’s theory is that the QQ streams crossed each other in such a way that Blizzard failed to get the message.

I mean, when the details first came out, all the PvE-ers went “WAH, we have to do hard PvP things! WAH!” And the PvP-ers were like “QQ moar bitches.” And then a flood of PvE noobs with no interest in PvP, or clue about it, surged across battlegrounds, messing them up. And so the PvP-ers went “WAH, all these PvE-ers are totally fucking up our battlegrounds. WAH!” And the PvE-ers were all “QQ moar bitches.”

 AJ and I experienced that first hand last night. That really made me laugh when I read it today. We had to do Eye of the Storm a few times to get it. I love Mind Controlling people off the hill where the flag is. That is too much freaking fun. I even Mana Burned a Holy Paladin down to nothing. We did AV once and AJ let me assault the tower. I waited for him to do it but he was practically yelling at me to do it, so I did. I got my achievement and my new title.

 I am SO not going through that again on my Druid, especially after Bliz announced that all flying mounts will be 310% in Cataclysm. I already turned in my orphans so I couldn’t, even if I changed my mind.

 So, fuck you, Bliz. I got my stupid achievement, get ready to hand me my Violet Proto Drake next month. A long ass Midsummer will be a cake walk compared to this bullshit.


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