Entitlement Mentality

 People of my generation seem to have an “Entitlement Mentality”. They think they are entitled to have something without actually having to work for it. These people want free handouts and they want it now. They will get upset if they don’t get what they want even though they have done nothing to deserve it.

 No one in this life (or the next) is entitled to jack shit. As Tallahassee said in “Zombieland”, “nut up or shut up.”

 No one is entitled to free anime just because the Japanese “got it for free” on TV when they watched it. We aren’t entitled to free music or movies via P2P networks. The big corporations were not entitled to government funds because they ran themselves into the ground with utter disregard to the consequences. People who have babies just to use WIC or have more Welfare food stamps are not entitled to that assistance. That is for people who really need it.

 I could go on and on… But, the point is: no one is entitled to raids, either. Just because we are a guild that raids doesn’t mean everyone gets to go with us; because everyone doesn’t go with us. We have some very nice, sweet people in our guild that don’t raid with us. I would love to take everyone but we have a limited number of spots for each class.

 This week’s ICC 25 has 8 healers signed up. We did 6 healers last week and all I did was bubble spam the raid until Saurfang. I have never been so bored in a raid before, much less a 25 man raid. I was tossing out random Penance on the melee and tanks to get more Divine Aegis going around, even when they were at full health. I kept POM bouncing around and Renew on the tanks. That was pretty much my first ICC 25 experience.

 I choose people who are able to make it to the raid, have good attendance and have a good attitude. Once I have narrowed down that list, I look at DPS numbers, gear and the ability to adapt to changing encounters. If someone is constantly dying in the blue flames or being mowed over by blood beasts, I am not likely to pick them next time unless I really need a replacement.

 One thing that will absolutely make me drops someone like a ton of bricks is a bad attitude. A constant stream of QQ means you don’t pew pew in my raids. I have lots of replacements now and can be more picky about who I bring.

Make it so...


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