Favorite Raid Moments

 (Kells left again this week; I will address this when I am emotionally able to deal with it, i.e. when not dealing with The Scarlet Onslaught – if you know what I mean. On a lighter note…)


I am back to leading the new peeps in the guild through TotC 10.  This is much less stressful than ICC to be sure. (Even though I got talked into leading the 25 this week, damn my care bear ways.) I got to thinking about it and I cannot wait to see Jaraxxus roflstomp that gnome. I love stupid ass Alliance get pwn’d by stuff. I am Alliance myself and that doesn’t make it any less funny. I wish I have seen more raids but I’m still fairly new to the game.

Jaraxxus pwn’ing Wilfred Fizzlebang, Master Summoner.

Someone made a song type thing out it and it is pure awesome. The first time I saw it I just knew he was going to get it. But, then I thought, no they wouldn’t do that. I was so wrong. His little death sound is such a delight after waiting ages for him to do his thing.

Downing Precious and Stinky

Rotface and Festergut’s reactions to the dogs’ death is hysterical. Del got Precious’s Ribbon and he wears it with pride. I wish I had one. 😦 All I got was some leather…

Pulling Rotface

I love being on my bear and Feral Charging into Rotface screaming WEEEEEE!!! It feels like I am totally living in that moment, if that makes sense. There is just something epic about a black bear rushing into the boss with that sound playing.

Random Alliance dudes being pwn’d by Deathbringer Saurfang

Seriously, what did they think was going to happen? Why would you just charge up to a guy that was bad ass to begin with and now has crazy super powers? They deserve what they got. I wish we could skip the scene now that I’ve seen it a million times.

Any For the Alliance run

Nothing like running into their city when they least expect it. 🙂


Pally is 80!

So my baby Paladin turned 80 day before yesterday in the alley of COS, my favorite instance. Thank you, Strand of the Ancients, for levels 75-79 ½ before Ally started to suck really, horribly bad. Apparently, it is cool to protect the Green gate when Blue is completely demolished. Horde at Yellow after 3 minutes after they land? Sure thing – let’s do that over and over. ><

Anyways, it was fun to get another toon to 80. I didn’t quest hardly anything and the only faction I’m friendly with is Kirin Tor. I have their god awful tabard on now. It makes me think my Concentration Aura is up. My Pally has a big, floppy thing between her legs now – not cool.

I met some real tards in my time running dungeons:

* Pally tank who thought it was funny to let things chew on me in Heroic Nexus. I told him to taunt off me and he didn’t through 2 bosses. On the boss that splits I was constantly chewed on. I told him this and he demanded to know why I didn’t put a tremor totem down. Um… because I’m a Paladin? I was OOM and sat my happy ass down to drink. He went and pulled 3 groups of trash and promptly died – killing my 2 guildies in the process. He then dropped group – good riddance.

* Another Pally tank in Heroic UK. I noticed they were getting hit really hard so I inspected her. No gems/enchants of any kind. I asked if she was def capped. She said “what is that?” I am like you have to be defense capped for heroics. Then she followed that with “why does that matter?” The ICC geared Shaman in the group then spoke up about it, too. He said “if you aren’t sure, get the fuck out”. Yay! Someone on my side for once! That tank got kicked and we got a really nice DK tank in all PVP who did wonderfully even with around 1K resilience. (Not sure how that works)

* A group in heroic Gundrak kicked me, which was funny. The DK tank was horrendous and couldn’t hold aggro against the Warlock. The snakes had poisoned everyone so I was cleansing, healing, cleansing some more, oh shit heal! The ‘Lock went down and his Mage friend sent me a whisper saying, “How about healing, scrub?” My reply was “How about sucking my cock?” and then putting the Mage on ignore. We did more trash and got more and more poisoned. I was healing my little heart out and then here comes the loading screen and a message saying I was removed from the group. My very first group kick ever. I was seriously half asleep and grumpy from not sleeping well. I don’t have a cock, but that’s neither here nor there. DPS can get really mouthy when they don’t realize what is all happening in the group. They focus on killing shit and not on the entire group like I have to. I am glad they kicked me. That tank was stressing me out.

* I farmed regular TOC for Tears of the Vanquished. I only had to run it twice because it dropped the second time. The whole two times I was there I must have gone through 10 group members. The boss didn’t drop what they wanted and they left. I farmed it again with Kells and Keeb for their alts to get The Black Heart. I have only seen it drop once and I know I farmed it on my druid at least 20 times. We ran it last night and it dropped twice, one for each of them. I am still in awe.

* Had a freshly 80 DK tank for Heroic HOL who warned us before hand. She was a few points shy of def capped and only had 23K health. But, we went with it. I was especially paranoid as Bright (Holy Pally of Awesome), was there on his Druid. I was worried that he would get on to me about stuff but he was silent most of the run. The DK couldn’t handle some pats and 2 other guildies died. I rez’d them and sat to drink. The DK ran right past me and pulled another pack – killing her in the process. “I didn’t see you drinking”, she said. I rez’d her and my 2 guildies AGAIN. Sat down AGAIN. She pulled another pack AGAIN. She died AGAIN. She then said she would wait for a healer’s mana. Good, maybe you should have learned that lesson… I don’t know… some time before you turned 80? I had to put Hand of Salvation on Bright a few times for holding aggro better than the tank. I asked him how I did and all he said was “good”. I am not sure what to think about that. He is a man a few words, but not that few.

What else have I seen? Hunters that don’t rez their pets and do half an instance before realizing they aren’t there. People who stand in Dark Smashes/AOE (Krakkle!). People who don’t move out of the black pancakes of doom in DTK. Warlocks and DKs who can’t control their pets or dismiss them – pulling extra mobs. Under geared Tanks in Heroics that insist on pulling everything in an instance, including optional bosses and trash. People running off platforms in Nexus and FOS. I died three times yesterday after groups didn’t stop DPS at the end of FOS. DK tanks who feel the need to tank with a ghoul out. Pally tanks not using Avenger Shield and butt pulling everything, not even dropping a Consecration.

On a different note, my Priest finally got exalted with Ashen Verdict last night! I know I am the last person on the server to get the title but I love it. The new ring is like chocolate for Disc Priests because I actually get the socket bonus as it’s a yellow socket. The bonus is lack luster at + 2 MP5 but still… I really don’t think I’ve ever had a socket bonus on anything.

We were pretty desperate for people for last night’s ICC 25 and even pulled in R3 – much to everyone’s great surprise. He was the same R3 as before, pulling shit off the tanks. I yelled at him on Gunship for not Feigning Death and he mysteriously DC’d never to return. And he wonders why I didn’t want him in my raids. >< Weebul had to leave because of something in his eye. We were all WTF? But he logged and Torne came in. We still had to pug around 7 people and could only clear the first wing.

But, an odd thing happened when we finally got the Gunship going. I was jumping out of the way of a rocket blast on the floor and I completely jumped off the ship. I mean, completely, falling off the ship. I didn’t want to say anything unless I died. Next thing I know, I am back on the deck of our boat in the center. I magically got teleported back. Keeb got caught in the rocket blasts (like he does) and he was pushed off the boat, same thing happened to him. I am not sure if this is a glitch or just something different about it on Heroic, but I am thankful for it. It would have been a bit embarrassing to jump off the boat. Keeb got the heroic version of the abacus trinket that I dearly love. It is kick ass for PVP.

I got the Mark of the Fallen Champion on Saurfang and Bright kept me alive with 20K+ Holy Light Crits. Dude, no wonder you go OOM. I only have 22K health to begin with, there’s really no reason to spam me that hard when I’m healing myself, too. What the hell do you have for haste, anyway? I’ve never seen such a well geared Paladin go all out on me before. It was simply amazing, I cannot wait until my Paladin can do that.

PVP and the Pally

I love my baby pally! But, PVP’ing with her is kinda frustrating for the Priest in me. I keep looking for my fear and my mass dispell the most. Druids are much easier to deal with once you have dispelled their HOTs – same with Paladin bubbles. My Pally can do neither of these. I was in a 1v1 with a Resto Druid the other day in AB and very nearly lost because I couldn’t dispell or damage through the HOTs. I was pretty much begging the WOW gods to grant me just one mass dispell!

Things I wish I could do on the Pally in PVP:

1) Mass Dispell. Stupid Tree Druids! AArrghh! I do have a lot of respect for them, tho.

2) Fear. Shit just pounds on me and I can’t get rid of it. Ret Aura and Beacon on me seems to help but not as much as making everything run away.

3) A HOT like Renew. Lots of peeps die before I can get a heal off if Holy Shock is on CD. I don’t really have anything to pad incoming damage.

4) Fear Ward. Fuck you, Warlocks – with your chain fears.

5) Spam AOE Holy Nova to find pesky Rogues and feral Druids. Consecration just doesn’t have the same effect as bouncing around and Holy NOVA! Kapow!

6) no Shadow Fiend to annoy people with. Pallies have no summonable pet thing. Can’t wait until Cata and I can have something to whip out and annoy people.

7) Levitate. I can’t just run off the side of Lumber Mill to Blacksmith anymore. 😦 Unless a Mage Slow Falls me.

Things I like about the Pally in PVP:

1) Lots more armor when I actually have plate pieces on. Caster plate is kinda hard to find. The shield is nice for extra armor.

2) Beacon myself + heal everyone around me = profit. I cannot wait to get some more haste and spell power! I have seen 12-13K Holy Light crits when I can get one off before the person dies.

3) Crusader Aura! Lumber Mill is always mine!

People can be such dumb-asses in BG’s, too. I have been doing Arathi Basin because Alterac Valley refuses to pop. I get in AB and people are just running around and killing each other in the roads. We loose Stables almost always right off the bat. I do not understand what is so hard for people to grasp about holding three bases. They just want to cap and cap some more without defending what we already have. Force Horde to come to us. There is no excuse to loose Stables. Get Stables, Lumber Mill and Gold Mine – keep them and win the game. It is really not that difficult. I know it’s not as sexy as a big turtle capping everything, but, it works. I want the max honor and xp here. We get that by winning and not being complete idiots.

There was a Warrior complaining that I wasn’t healing him the other day. No, asshole, I’m not coming away from the flag to help you fight like a tard in the middle of the road. People, the space between the flags doesn’t count for shit. The roads and all that grassy scenery out there are just that – scenery. Would you rather control the road leading up to Lumber Mill or the Lumber Mill itself? Pretty easy if you ask me. These are the same idiots who sit in the middle at WSG instead of going for the flags.

Prof Putricide Down!

The swan song of Team Short Bus downed Prof. Putricide on Sunday, 16 May 10. We got Dreamwalker “up” on Monday and tried a few times on Sindy – which is a total mess of a fight.

I wish I didn’t cry all the time. I cried after we downed Prof. I had taunted off Kells and was kiting the boss around the room, throwing everything I had at him. I still had DPS alive for once. My heart threatened to pound out of my chest. All I could hear my pounding heart beat in my ears as I searched for a safe place in the room that wasn’t covered in green slime. I don’t think I heard anything from the boys in vent. It took an eternity for his health bar to reach zero. The only thing I could think was OMG, we are going to do it this time. We are going to down this fucker. And we did down him. It took several seconds to register that he was on the floor at my paws. Then the tears started. People didn’t even care about loot at that point. He dropped the rogue/feral cat helm.

Once I again, I didn’t get any loot. The only thing from ICC I have is the tank neck from Marrowgar. Kells was saying he only gets off spec stuff. You know what, I can’t even get off spec stuff because my group healer is always another Druid. My Resto set is severely lacking.

Which brings me to Dreamwalker. We tried it with Kells tanking and me healing. We tried it with AJ tanking and me healing. We tried it with me tanking and Kells healing. We tried it with AJ tanking and Odo healing. We tried every combo we could think of. I was eventually on raid/tank heals outside the portals. I couldn’t keep everyone up. I was OOM within the first minute. Healing the Rogues was a full time job and if I took my mouse off AJ for one CD, he was down. I was so frustrated! I was crying the whole time leading up to us beating it. I should be able to keep the raid alive, I am a Druid FFS! Druids out heal everyone, all the time. Why couldn’t I do that? I felt like such a failure.

My resto set is mostly 232 with crap 200 trinkets. I don’t have anything over 245 and that’s just my helm. My Resto is mainly for show since I will almost always be tanking. I’ve had my Druid in ICC for months now, I should have better fucking gear. Lady RNG is not kind to the bear. Lots of Tree stuff drops but I can’t roll on it because it’s my off spec. We had one run with nearly ever drop was Shaman mail. WTF? I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this shit for awhile.

Stepping away from raiding… for the time being

My days off at work have changed to Sat/Sun, this means no more Team Short Bus. I am kinda glad. I am starting to get burnt out on doing the same damn thing over and over – never getting any farther in progression.

Last week’s Short Bus run really made me sad and even a little resentful towards people. We had Prof Putricide down to 14K before we all died. We had him down sub 3-4% many times and didn’t have the extra oomph to pull it off. I feel like my head is permanently held down in shame because of this.

I look at my Druid and I get very sad. I will never have the feral staff off Rotface that I desperately need. I healed an instance last night because I couldn’t “bear” (heh) to tank with DPS constantly ripping mobs off me.

I will be more than happy to come in as a replacement on other people’s raids but I don’t forsee Tobeume the Kingslayer anytime soon. My goal has never been to down the Lich King but only to have fun. Never progressing is not fun, it’s frustrating. So, with days off all whacky for raiding, I am taking a break from serious raiding. If Keeb needs me, I will do whatever he needs.

There are a few things I want to get done before Cataclysm and I have a Holy Pally at almost 80, too. I have lots to do still.

Goals for the Priest:

1) 100 mounts

2) Justicar title

3) 100k Honor Kills (this will take the longest, have less than 5K now *sad panda face*)

I can work on these all at the same time. I still need 3 PVP mounts; the black ram, mechanostrider and ellek. I’m just a few thousand points away from Exhaulted with Stormpike already so I’ll just have the other 2 to grind out. I figure I can grind out PVE rep like Shatari Skyguard while I wait for my BG Q to pop. I am already tired of Wintersaber rep – what a grueling grind that is. I am not even to friendly yet. >< I still need the red bug mount from AQ40, too.

Goals for the Druid:

1) Guardian of Cenarius title

2) Ravenlord mount

Short list, I know. I don’t think I am officially a Druid without these two things. I’m almost exhaulted with Cenarion Circle right now. Killing Twilight Cultists is the easiest thing in the world. I’ll have to grind out Cenarion Expedition rep in BC 5-mans but at least I’ll get the Sanguine Hibiscus for my Priest to use.

Goals for the Pally:

1) Get to 80.

The School of… Fuck you Bliz!

 For THREE days, I tried in vain to cap at node in Arathi Basin. I tried Stables, Gold Mine, and Lumber Mill… nothing worked. I would get to the flag first, with my orphan out, and start to claim the node with a Hordie watching me. Every Hordie waited until I had a millisecond before the node would be mine and then they ruthlessly attacked me – killing me in seconds, regardless of Pain Suppression, PWS, Renew etc. I did this, over and over and over and over – for HOURS and DAYS… The last time I was there, I lost the node and my shit, all at the same time.

 I had an all out panic attack over PVP and this stupid achievement. I knocked my computer tower off the desk and sent all my pens and snacks flying across the room. When I came back online, I asked my guildies for help with it. All I got where crickets in response. I told my guild “fuck you all” and then rage logged. I didn’t think my computer could handle another flight across the room so I went outside and called Keeb. He got me calmed down even though he thought I was silly for freaking out about it.

 I was SO upset with my guildies. I drop what I am doing all the damn time to help them. I am the unofficial five man tank for the guild, whenever someone needs a tank – I go help them out. I just turned in my Druid’s triumph badges for 10 epic gems and still have some left over. Whenever someone needs ANYTHING, I am there to help them. It really burned my ass that no one would help ME when I needed it.

 I do enjoy a bit of PVP when I’m in the mood for it. I have the beginnings of a PVP set. Mostly I run around with Del and he tells me where to go due to my flawed sense of direction. I usually end up at the top of the healing meters and I’m proud of that. BG’s are really the only place I can out heal a Druid or a Paladin.

 I PVP when I want to and on my own terms. I do not appreciate Bliz dictating to me what I should be doing in a BG. I know my comfort zone and it absolutely does not include returning a dropped flag, assaulting a node or a tower and most certainly not carrying a flag. I have a big enough target on my forehead without doing something stupid like grabbing a flag. My Priest is equal to a nearly free honor kill for a Hordie. I make it as difficult for them as I can but eventually I get silenced or interrupted or chain feared or sheep’d… The list goes on and on…

 I need this stupid achievement for the Meta so I can get my Proto Drake next month. I have to do this; there is no way around it. I read all the guides online. I was as ready for it as I could be. I had to “nut up or shut up”.

 So, with a heavy heart, I went back to Arathi Basin. I asked very nicely in /bg to please let me get a node. A fucking ‘Lock from a guild called <HAVE YOU FOUND JESUS> capped it before I could. While I do love the irony of that asshole doing something very un-Jesus like; I was still quite pissed off. I spent the next 15 minutes not healing a damn thing in protest. I just soaked up the honor. I noticed the Gold Mine wasn’t busy so I headed over there with another priest following me. Great, I thought, we’re both dead. I dismounted with my bubble on and started the arduous task of capping it. Hordies were coming down the hill but I still continued. Then something amazing happened. That other priest put Pain Suppression on me and feared all the incoming Hordies that where on me. I assaulted that stupid node and got credit for it. I cried tears of pure joy. Thank you other Disco Priest, you made me believe in humanity again. I spent the rest of that BG healing my little heart out and we even won it.

 I had noticed that AJ was doing the achievement, too. I asked if he wanted to work on it together. He said yes. Thank you! Aciel came along, too. An hour later, I had my achievement. The Horde was working on the same achievements so there were a lot of turtles in the flag rooms. One hard core PVP’er even complained about it. Lots of people pretty much told him to GTFO because we didn’t want to be there anymore than he wanted us there. He said he was perfectly happy to screw the rest of us over and kill every Hordie in sight. Eventually, AJ got tired of waiting and ran to get the flag himself. Good thing he did, that started the match for real. We both got credit for that one. We were even top heals. Take that, Mr. Hardcore PVP guy. You just got out PVP’d and you failed at not letting anyone get their achievement.

 Tam wrote a good post about it over at righteousorbs.com. He said:

 I’m genuinely surprised that School of Hard Knocks is still required for the meta, and in its current infuriating form. Especially after all the QQ last year. Chas’s theory is that the QQ streams crossed each other in such a way that Blizzard failed to get the message.

I mean, when the details first came out, all the PvE-ers went “WAH, we have to do hard PvP things! WAH!” And the PvP-ers were like “QQ moar bitches.” And then a flood of PvE noobs with no interest in PvP, or clue about it, surged across battlegrounds, messing them up. And so the PvP-ers went “WAH, all these PvE-ers are totally fucking up our battlegrounds. WAH!” And the PvE-ers were all “QQ moar bitches.”

 AJ and I experienced that first hand last night. That really made me laugh when I read it today. We had to do Eye of the Storm a few times to get it. I love Mind Controlling people off the hill where the flag is. That is too much freaking fun. I even Mana Burned a Holy Paladin down to nothing. We did AV once and AJ let me assault the tower. I waited for him to do it but he was practically yelling at me to do it, so I did. I got my achievement and my new title.

 I am SO not going through that again on my Druid, especially after Bliz announced that all flying mounts will be 310% in Cataclysm. I already turned in my orphans so I couldn’t, even if I changed my mind.

 So, fuck you, Bliz. I got my stupid achievement, get ready to hand me my Violet Proto Drake next month. A long ass Midsummer will be a cake walk compared to this bullshit.

Entitlement Mentality

 People of my generation seem to have an “Entitlement Mentality”. They think they are entitled to have something without actually having to work for it. These people want free handouts and they want it now. They will get upset if they don’t get what they want even though they have done nothing to deserve it.

 No one in this life (or the next) is entitled to jack shit. As Tallahassee said in “Zombieland”, “nut up or shut up.”

 No one is entitled to free anime just because the Japanese “got it for free” on TV when they watched it. We aren’t entitled to free music or movies via P2P networks. The big corporations were not entitled to government funds because they ran themselves into the ground with utter disregard to the consequences. People who have babies just to use WIC or have more Welfare food stamps are not entitled to that assistance. That is for people who really need it.

 I could go on and on… But, the point is: no one is entitled to raids, either. Just because we are a guild that raids doesn’t mean everyone gets to go with us; because everyone doesn’t go with us. We have some very nice, sweet people in our guild that don’t raid with us. I would love to take everyone but we have a limited number of spots for each class.

 This week’s ICC 25 has 8 healers signed up. We did 6 healers last week and all I did was bubble spam the raid until Saurfang. I have never been so bored in a raid before, much less a 25 man raid. I was tossing out random Penance on the melee and tanks to get more Divine Aegis going around, even when they were at full health. I kept POM bouncing around and Renew on the tanks. That was pretty much my first ICC 25 experience.

 I choose people who are able to make it to the raid, have good attendance and have a good attitude. Once I have narrowed down that list, I look at DPS numbers, gear and the ability to adapt to changing encounters. If someone is constantly dying in the blue flames or being mowed over by blood beasts, I am not likely to pick them next time unless I really need a replacement.

 One thing that will absolutely make me drops someone like a ton of bricks is a bad attitude. A constant stream of QQ means you don’t pew pew in my raids. I have lots of replacements now and can be more picky about who I bring.

Make it so...