When someone just doesn’t mesh

  My guild used to be a 10 man social raiding guild. Our “core” members broke off from their terribad guild (Soaked in Blood) and they formed their own. I was in a guild with a similar situation but we had lost nearly all of our members because they were complete assholes and left.

I wasn’t raiding much at all until Keeb found me through my GM at the time. Once Keeb found me, he didn’t let me go. I got raid invites every week, sometimes for a few times a week. I was so shy and didn’t dare to talk to them in vent. I could not bring myself to talk to them because they were so awesome and epic – why would they want to talk to a little noobish Dwarf Priest like me anyway? I had Keeb on my friends list for ages at the request of my former GM because he knew I would join them eventually. I would send Keeb mail because I didn’t want to bother him with whispers. 

The more and more I ran with Keeb, Kells, Bob, AJ and Val I came to realize they weren’t going to make fun of me for dying in the fire 3 times in a row. (Damn you, Gorlok!) They would shrug it off, tell me I was doing just fine and we would try again. Over time I came to love these guys for their encouragement and support. I had never thought I would ever see an end-game raid in person because I thought I sucked so badly. They indirectly changed my attitude about me and my abilities.  They created a very nurturing environment for me. I never faced ridicule or any type of hostility from any of them at any time. I am choking back the tears right now as I write this. I had found my perfect home. Things happened and I joined Virtus, the guild they had formed together. 

We did 10 man’s because that’s all we could do. We had other people in the guild but they weren’t available or didn’t like to raid. We lost a few people to real life and had to recruit so we could still raid. This has been an on-going thing for months and now we find ourselves with 2 ICC 10 teams and we just started ICC 25. We are now faced with too many people for too few slots. 

Keeb always tells me not to help out some of the new recruits too much because they may not stay. This used to really get under my skin. Why wouldn’t anyone want to stay here? We are awesome, helpful people. But, I started to see what he meant. People would stay for a few days, not say much of anything and then leave. We weren’t a good fit for that particular person because what I think is a good environment is not what the next person thinks, too. It took me a long to realize that. 

Then we have people who we really like as people that just don’t “mesh” with the guild for whatever reason. Our guild is chatty, positive and can be a shit ton of fun. Our guild chat is normally very lively and I know sometimes I bust out laughing like a mad woman when I read /g chat. Sometimes Krakkle or Kells will say something and I can hardly get a breath because I’m laughing so hard. 

There’s one person in particular that could keep up with everyone in /g but was absolutely clueless about raiding. We really liked this person and gave him many chances to improve in the raiding environment. I took him on several TotC runs and weekly raid quest runs. One day he rage /gquit because he wasn’t getting into our ICC 10 that we had been running since DAY ONE long before anyone else had joined us. He didn’t understand why we were taking friends from other guilds over him, a guildie. The people we took were people that had run with us months and had known the “core” Virtus for longer than I even know. He felt he was entitled to raid just because he was in the guild, regardless of his personal skill level or his ability to adapt. That just is not the case. 

We gave him another chance and he re-joined Virtus even though a lot of us don’t necessarily have much respect people who nerd rage like he did. We did a FTA run and he was constantly out of synch with the rest of the group. We had to stop many times for him to catch up because he constantly brought up the rear. Looking back, this should have been a sign. We shrugged it off as, oh it’s R3 again – that’s just the way he is. We kept on keeping on. He had improved a little but could not, for the life of him, figure out his weekly raid quest. A solid month, at least, he missed out on the yummy 5 Frost badges. He even came in as a replacement on Keeb’s ICC 10 team and they downed Prof Putricide, a feat our guild has yet to accomplish again. 

But, then the attitude and the eccentricities started again. He was dropped from Keeb’s team due to new, better DPS that came over from the smoldering ashes Soaked in Blood. Keeb wouldn’t have done that unless R3 had really noob’d it up. So I said, fine, I’ll take him. We attempted to do another weekly with him and he still couldn’t get the quest or even zone into the instance because he was already saved. I was starting to feel a little leery but I think of myself as a patient person and remained mostly positive towards him. 

Then something happened that I couldn’t predict. Nyen had been previously unwilling to leave Soaked in Blood. I had been begging Keeb to save Nyen from that hell hole but Nyen wouldn’t budge for whatever reason. I got a text from Keeb telling me that Nyen had finally joined us. I was faced with a horrible choice between the two hunters; Nyen and R3. Nyen is clearly the better choice for my team than R3. 

When R3 saw that he didn’t get an invite to either ICC he was pissed off. He went to each officer and asked why. The officers, myself included, had all told Keeb what was going on with him. Keeb took him aside and told him how it was. I know Keeb told him what side his bread is buttered on. But R3 continued to assail us. I told him why he didn’t get a spot and he continued to harass us. I had never been anything but nice and accommodating to him. I wanted to kick him last night but I went to bed before I did anything rash. It came out this morning that he had called Keeb and me assholes to Del. We have screenshots to prove it. He stepped over the line. 

Keeb G kicked him today and rightfully so. I told him that he was my first replacement if someone didn’t show but that wasn’t good enough for him. I wish him the best of luck. He is a good example of someone that we genuinely like but just doesn’t “mesh” with the guild as a whole. 

I am putting this on my blog that my guildies have access to because I don’t want to see anymore drama about it. If R3 does rear his ugly head in the future I want everyone to see that we did the best we could with him. I don’t hold any hard feelings against him but I can say right now that he will never raid with us again.


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