Team Short Bus and What Not to Say in Vent, pt 2

My ICC team has an unoffical name, “Team Short Bus”. It was called group 2 or B but not anymore.

Sunday went really, really well – in terms of the bosses going down. We had a D-Bag Priest, Madori of <The Thirteeth Hour>, who totally decieved us. I gave him the Icecrown Spire Sandals because he made us all think he still had 213 Naxx boots. Turns out, he really has the 232 POS boots. That little fucker enchanted them right on the spot so he couldn’t trade them to Del. I just… ggrrr! That was the only cloth anything that dropped. Everything else was plate. 😦 The leather DPS belt dropped only days after I got the Frost badge belt. The badge belt is really more “tank” but it would have been nice to have spent those badges on something else.

Marrowgar doesn’t bone me anymore so Mier has made a macro for when he gets spiked. It reads “Help me! I’m boned!” He kills me. I love running with him. I don’t think we lost anyone on that fight, so that was good. I don’t even know what he dropped.

Lady D was fun. I totally didn’t miss any adds this week and my threat was a lot better. I am so glad the elevator after her doesn’t squish people because we all would have been dead. The little run up to the Gunship is a lot of fun, too. No raid quest, sadly.

OMG! The Gunship! This has to be my favorite fight in the whole game. I love Icehowl but this one is so much more fun. I have learned to park my bear butt on the portal on our boat and happily Swipe away. I like moving them back so the NPC on our boat fights with us. Torne won the roll on the sweet healing dagger that dropped.

Saurfang is so much less stressful as the tank! I really could have eaten cookies and milk at the same time. I did much better at taunting off Kells whenn he had the Rune of Blood. Then the drama started with the cloth boots. ><

Anyways, a few of our peeps died in the Hallway of Doom, Frogger Version 2.0. Keeb got on to me about being slow, but I didn’t die, so there! 🙂 We cleared the dogs and laughed that the Professor has pets with pink bows.

On the hallway between the dogs and Festergut, you need a tank leading the raid and one behind the raid. Kells asked this female bear tank, “Do you want it in the front or in the rear?” My face burned red and it was very hard to breathe through the laughter that burst out of me. OMG, Kells, I am not that kind of a girl! Raid chat then consisted of all sorts of innuendo about taking it in the rear. For the record, I took the rear. 😉

We dropped Festergut no problem. We went on to Rotface and called it a night after a few attempts. When on Rotface, I made the mistake of saying, in the company of young men boys; “I’m trying and he just wont come!” This was especially funny after Kells’s question of where I wanted it.

Things that went well on Monday:

1) We started on time.

2) All guildies! No d-bag priest.

3) We had fish feasts to eat

4) …

So, I don’t really want to talk about Monday. We zoned in and went for the transporter. I got off the transporter, like you do. I ran myself about half way into the platform on the left when I notice bigass respawns. So, I back my cat ass up. I hear people screaming in vent for a tank up there. I am right here, WTF? I look at my raid frames – Torne is dead and half the peeps are at 1/4 health. There was a val’kyr mob that got pulled and was eating the face off my raid. I went bear and taunted it off whoever had it. But, it was too late. There were too many severed essescences around so we wiped… on trash… in the second wing… Thus, Team Short Bus was born!

This is me:


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