ICC screenies and lowbie dungeon hell

Of course I got screen shots of me in bear form with the rocket on my ass… I got lots of screen shots actually but these are the best…

Druid Powah!

Get down... get down... jungle boogie!

I hope this doesn't burn my bear butt

I got the Blue Drake from Oculus the other day! Squee!!!

He looks a little cross eyed

I have a brand new baby Holy Paladin. I wanted a Pally so I could understand the way they heal better than I do now. Sometimes I have to remind myself of my ultimate goal when I meet some of the crazy people in lowbie dungeons. A low dungeon can either be a shit ton of fun or alarmingly noobtastic. I love the Pally – I’m already getting 2K Holy Light crits and have been since level around level 32. I just really wish the goodie bag was more helpful and gave me more than tank gear… /cry

This tank in DM was quite bad but he was level 23 and clearly still learning. I wouldn’t have been this harsh on him. I tried to give him some suggestions but he didn’t take them and the hunter go pretty pissed off at him:

glad I'm not on the business end of that

My brain hurts… Tankazoolu is a pretty epic name, tho… And I love the hunter in a guild called <I Only Raid Pre Cata> Already hating and it’s not even out yet…

Scalaclet Monisteryt! I love that instance!


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