Tanking ICC

I know I have seen the first wing of ICC at least (at the very, extreme least) ten times on my priest. I know that wing backwards and forwards – from a healer point of view. I thought that because I know the fights so well, I would be able to tank it. I was concerned about the adds on Lady Deathwhisper and over shooting the Horde ship and falling to my doom.

Well… healing it and tanking it are two completely different beasts. One does not equal the other. I was cause for a wipe a couple of times. Here’s what I did wrong: I didn’t stack with AJ’s tank correctly on Marrowgar. There was an add on Lady D that I completely missed – the guild must have taken pity on me and not called me out for being the only noob attacking Lady D instead of the add. On Gunship, I wasn’t on the away team and I was too slow in picking up the adds on our own ship. On Saurfang, I was slow on taunting off AJ when he got Rune of Blood. I didn’t taunt off after a Decimate on the dogs. I couldn’t control the slimes on whatever stupid boss the slimes are on (the left side hallway, I don’t know his stupid ass name). And, apparently, I wasn’t generating enough threat the entire time.

I feel like a total and utter noob. I know guildies will reassure me and tell me that I’m not noob – that is was a good first attempt. But, fuck a duck, I feel like shit about it. These were stupid, stupid mistakes. Slow bear is slow. I have seen all sorts of tanks in ICC but never a bear tank. I had only the faintest idea of what to expect, even after hours of research. I literally took notes and had them on my dry erase board propped up on my computer tower. Maybe part of my slowness came from looking at my notes constantly (each boss strat was written in a differant color) and not having enough attention to the actual fight… I don’t know… I don’t know why my threat was crap, either…

But, these are things I can work on. I have identified my problems and what went wrong – at least what was within my control. I have a week to work on it and I’ve talked to other tanks to ask what I could have done differently. I have some really good suggestions to try out. I just wish I knew a bear tank in ICC that I could talk to about this stuff. Reading blogs by bears has really helped me but it would be so nice to be able to ask questions and have a real time response.

We cleared the first wing like we always do but it was still progression – progression for a noob bear tank that will do much better next week.


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