Bewbs and PVP hotness

I love both of my 80’s. They are female mostly because I am. I had a male character and that didn’t work out too well. I know there are women who work for Blizz but I’m sure it’s mostly guys designing the gear.

I feel like my bear should have her chest covered and not be perilously close to a double nipple slip constantly… So this chest incorporates a turtleneck, some sort of bondage style buckles but no protection for my jiggly bits – nice. Thanks, Blizz… I love random people whispering me in Dal to tell me my boobs are epic…


The Priest T10 also irritates me. I saved for months to get the 4 piece bonus and bastards changed it almost as soon as I got it. But… I don’t like how there’s buttons (?) accentuating my nipples and it looks like a chain going between them. All I need are some freaking tassels to complete the look… Funny convo in a random, too…

drunk healer not a good idea

Don’t get me started on the Spring Robes… How about “springing” for some more fabric to cover me – it’s freaking cold here in Dun Morogh…

you can't see them, but my nips could cut glass

Moving on…

We’re had a lot of fun PVP’ing lately. We did a For the Alliance yesterday and one shotted everything. I was bound and determined not to have a fail group. I was in a fail group a few weeks ago and the stupid raid leader had the ‘Lock put the summoning stone right outside the Org gates. What a tard.

We staged in out in BFE, The Barrens. Thank god Val knew where to go because I am clueless on Horde cities. He had eaten something that made him tiny and it was really funny to see him bouncing around on his mechostrider with 35 people following him.

The most Horde resistance came on Thrall. There were a few who tried to save their Warchief but they were overrun by our numbers. There were a few Hordies who just stood on the sidelines and let us kill their leaders. I don’t know what to think about that anymore. I used to let them kill our kings but the more I PVP – I’m not so sure I want to just stand around anymore.

It was so cool watching all of us running around in a big pack. You can see tiny Val in the center right in front of me and next to Holy’s Warlock: Rache. Whenever we took a flight point, it was funny to watch all the yellow dots streaking across the map.

Hakuna Matata, Bitches!

I couldn’t have done it without Del, Keeb, Rache and Val. You guys are amazing! That is by far the biggest thing I have ever organized and you guys were a great big help. Hugs and cookies to all you guys!

Silly Screenshot time


How did they get stables?! We just started ffs

Surprise Buttsecks!

I love all the crazy people I raid with... it'll be OK Krakkle

The Sproutling mocks my purple bunneh form

Insult to injury after I lay an egg

Dear Blizz, these low level pants do not make up for constant showing of skin on my female characters. Please try again – no love, a hot blooded girl gamer.

Nice pants!


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