OMG… Just wow

Kells came back! Squee!!! I am still doing the Snoopy Happy Dance. We celebrated by getting past the first ICC wing and actually downing bosses past that who aren’t the Val’kyr. It was truly amazing to behold the Dreamwalker fight in person other than watching strat videos of it. I cannot wait to keep trying it until we get it.

I don’t even know the names of the bosses we downed but I got a sweet new neck off of one of them. The running of the slimes boss was fun as long as people got cleansed soon enough. Decursive rocks in ICC. On the Dreamwalker fight, I set it up to only show me the diseases as that was killing Kells faster than the adds themselves. Before I did that, my Dispell Magic mouse botton was the left one and Abolish Disease was the right one. Since I went back to it showing me both, it has switched my mouse bottons around. I had a few bumpy starts before I realized what had happened. Now I have a sticky note on my monitor to remind me they changed. 🙂

I didn’t get any screenshots of the second wing, I’ll do better next time. I only have one more run in there on my Priest before I start leading on my Druid next week. It’s going to be my Bear rocket butt and Keeb’s Disco Priest from here on out.

There seems to be an odd dancing Bear bubble bug. My Bear dances on her hind legs and the bubble stays stationary. This was taken at the end of POS a few days ago.

Interesting bubble bug

 My hunter ran into an exceptionally well gear native Moonkin the other day. Not sure how a level 13 Moonkin managed to get badge gear but kudos to him!

5410 GS!


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