Ah, the trials of being a Raid Leader

  These past two weeks I’ve taken it upon myself to lead some raids to help Keeb out. He doesn’t need to be raid leading every night a week and we shouldn’t expect him to. What started out as me wanting to raid with friends has taken a life of its own. Everyone wants to know if we are doing TotC again next week. I am a little weary of it.

 The first week of TotC was pure bliss! We one shotted everything but Jaraxus and Anub. It was such a rush being the tank, taking huge hits and not being killed. I looked into the beady eyes of Anub et all and won! I stared down those bastard Faction Champs and killed them all!

 Everything went really well after a few gear distribution hiccups. We had a Resto Druid from the top guild on the server who PUG’d into our little group. I image he was thoroughly bored that night and needed something to do. I had healed with him before on Onyxia and VOA runs so maybe he recognized me. I tanked it with a normally Holy Pally and I think we did really well considering that was only the second raid we had ever tanked… at… all – ever… Most of the lewts were DE’d but it was all good. I had a really good sense of accomplishment and everyone had a blast.

 Until this week…

 I wanted to get the same group of people together but, of course, that didn’t happen. We had a terribad Disc Priest for Northrend Beasts, who we wiped on repeatedly. We did most all of Icehowl with just me alive with a healer and 2 DPS. Luckily, she left after that. (And I got to skin Icehowl! Woo!) Our new Resto Shaman came online right at that same time so it all worked out in the end.

 We wiped a few times on Jaraxus, mainly because I wasn’t quick enough on tanking the adds since I had Jaraxus the last time. I didn’t know there were 3 of the green rock guys that came out until then. I only thought there were two at a time – I was wrong and most of my DPS took a dirt nap because of it.

 Faction Champs were a breeze. That fight is a lot less stressful when I’m not doing the dispelling.

 The Twins… OMG the Twins! That is the easiest fight in the place but we wiped and wiped and wiped… Del and I both explained the fight over and over again… We explained in such detail that Bob understood what was happening and I’m pretty sure he was wasted. We had people that would switch DPS to the opposite color twin when it was required to change colors of the orbs around you. We had people run up to the orb portal they were supposed to change to and NOT click it. I can only assume they thought the color would change by osmosis. I don’t know… I was getting really frustrated and was about to call the whole damn thing. But, we went back in and killed them.

 Then came Anub. We wiped again. This time because there was no ice on the ground and we couldn’t tank it properly. We wiped again and then people started leaving. We got some other guildies in there who knew what they were doing and we downed him. I got to skin him. (Woo! Two Arctic Furs in one night!)

 But, I can’t lead a raid when people don’t follow simple instructions. It really is not that hard to STOP what you are doing and change colors of the orbs. I told them straight up that I don’t care about their DPS if they are taking a dirt nap. I don’t care if you did 8K DPS for 30 seconds and the rest of the time you were dead. A dead DPS is not helpful in the slightest. I don’t want to read raid chat and see my dead DPSers comparing the size of their massive epeens. That T10 set bonus isn’t helping anyone if you are dead, ffs!

 Del was really my rock that night. I could not have done it with out him. I would have cussed some people out and made some people mad at me. I give them direction but they don’t listen and that is what pisses me off. If I get a tip on tanking from my more experienced MT, I take it to heart and attempt to do it.

 I don’t mind leading raids if people would follow direction. I am a little leery of leading it again this week but I’ll persevere. I do what I have to so Keeb doesn’t have so much of a strain and I love raiding with friends. I guess the good outweighs the bad.


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