An odd day and World PVP

So, the strangest thing happened today in UK. I was doing my daily random on my priest for my Frosties and it came up with UK. FML, stupid UK >< But, it's easy and fast. Two of the DPS are fresh 80's and there's a nicely geared Boomkin with the same staff I have. We have a t9/10 Paladin tank so it should go rather smoothly. We clear trash, the tank takes the time to pull all the drakes in the drake room, ok then… We get to the Prince who drops a blue tanking sword, everyone rolls Greed, like you do… Except the tank: he rolls Need and promptly drops group. He wins the blue sword that is clearly a downgrade and leaves with out a word – leaving 4 stunned people trying to figure out what happened. I know we stood there chatting for a good 10 minutes before a very nice DK tank joined us to finish it. But, seriously, wtf?

Del, our crazy PVP mage, did a For the Alliance today and I am so jelous! My druid needs a war bear still. Afterwards, Del pointed out that the bear mounts have goggles, which I had never noticed before much to the chagrin of my guildies. I wish I could get a set of goggles on me in bear form – that would be the most kick ass thing ever. But, alas…

It did get me thinking about world PVP in general, which I do not like. The other day I got ganked doing my fishing daily because I flew my own drake over WG instead of riding the taxi service. I think attacking a levitated-fishing priest is just plain wrong. Especially, when said priest is flailing around with the wrong buttons and ends up smacking a tauren up side the head with her epic fishing pole instead of applying a shadow dot. (oh, to have a screen shot of that!) I learned my lesson the hard way.

I get upset when a Hordie is in one of our cities clearly only to do the Holiday achievements gets attacked. We have to go into their city for the same thing, show them some respect and maybe next time we wont get killed in a horrible way. I was in travel form outside of IF last week when I got hit with a snowball, I turned around expecting Keeb but got an undead mage instead. He was about half dead and was sitting to eat – obviously had tried to get the elder and got killed in the process. I shifted to tree and /waved at him. He /waved back and I wished him a farewell before getting my own elder down the road. I got the elder in Org on my priest and got a /wave from a tauren druid who left me alone as I hearthed the hell out of there.

Having said that, I did have a thought of killing the Horde flight master in SVT the other day. My druid could have owned him with out taking any damage. I stood there for about a minute and half thinking about all the times when I had to run from Westfall to SW on foot because a Hordie killed our Flight Master. I remember being so confused when my best friend told me I had to wait for it to respawn or run. I didn't grasp the concept of PVP then. I would get so disappointed when I would get there and no guy. I thought he was out walking around, taking a break or something. It didn't even occur to me that a person had ridden all over creation to get to our little Flight Master just to kill him for fun. Just to be a douche to everyone who needed to use the taxi service.

I began to think killing that Horde Flight Master would be a good steaming pile of revenge. But, then the other half of my mind said wait: you can't do that to innocent people. They didn't have anything to do with your flight master getting killed 6 months ago. I can't be a douche like that laughing Blood Elf my guild slaughtered a few times in Westfall last month. (I even got him to half health all by myself on my priest! Go me! He /flirted with me as my shadow dots ticked on him…) And I know the general chat would light up begging for people to kill me as soon as I did it and people would be getting on their mains to hunt me down. I don't want that kind of death and drama.

The thought still lingers in my mind. Can I overcome my morality and kill a Horde Flight Master? Only time will tell…


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