Screenies! Woo!

We cleared the first wing of ICC again a few days ago. We are having a problem with not having any dps that can do the second day. I can understand that other pugs not wanting to get saved to just the second wing for a whole week. But, it is very frustrating.

At the summoning stone to ICC this week I met the greatest Tauren Resto Druid. Nyen and I were waiting for the raid to fill so we can summon and I put up one of those crazy Moonlight thingies the elders spam your mailbox with. I was bored. The next thing I know there’s a giant Tauren running over to us and slapped down a diso ball. He /danced with me and I did the same with him. He shifted to tree to show me that he’s Resto, a fellow healer! Awesome! Well, of course, out comes my Sproutling. He /gasped at it and summoned his own Sproutling! How cool is that?! We just kept dancing. I /flirted with him and he /blushed. It was epic! Then he shifted to bear and I brought out my Cub. By then the summoning was over and we both bid each other a fond farewell.

I salute you, Bestialrage of <Anomaly>! You are a class act! This goes to show that we can all get along…

Aw! Our Sproutlings are cuddling!

Seeing that we could not do ICC again and everyone was saved to VOA, we did Onyxia for shits and giggles. I love that run. Its nice and short. The fight is pretty straight forward. I did get tail swiped on the initial pull but managed not to get into the whelps. Hurray for me! Onyxia dropped a bunch of loot no one needed except the 22 slot bag. Its nice just to go do something because it is fun and not feel like you have to for gear.

The Sproutling slept through most of it

Look at my new T10 chest! Squee!

 Keeb doesn’t do holiday achievments, has no interest at all. But I managed to wrangle him into one for Valentine’s. What started as me needing a warm body to eat chocolate with ended with a nice romantic picnic in Dalaran – complete with a movie (ie the new cutscene)! The “twins” ate too much again and took a nap at our picnic. BTW, bunnehs love Druids!

Fluffy bunneh joins Keeb's growing Fan Club

 Speaking of Druids, mine has a new babeh cub to show the world to. Here I took him to Elwyn Forest because SW was laggy… LOL

First day with the Babeh

I took a trip to the barber shop to change my hair color so my fur matches his fur color a little better. He had fun at the barber shop, too.

Come sit on Mama's lap

Come sit on Mama's lap

Much better!

I do heal occasionally…

Bad idea!

And I now have:

Swift Flightform! Yeah, baby!


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