Raid Healing as Disc

  Here lately I have been 2 healing a lot of things. I never thought I would. I always thought Disc couldn’t raid heal. I was wrong. It took necessity to make me realize that I could actually do it. I have been thrust into situations where I was the only other healer in a 10 man and I had to nut up or shut up. I am willing to try most things so I try I did and it’s been going just fine. I’ve been thinking a lot about the way I heal in general. I really don’t see very much of a divide between tank healing and raid healing anymore.

 I am very lucky in that I run with beautiful, glorious tanks. These tanks know what they are doing and are geared well. They understand their classes and know how to play. I am also very lucky to have a great healing team behind me. I have a holy pally and a tree druid each with dual specs. (I am also dual spec’d but they never let me shadow. I know I’m not that great of a DSP but… shit… people, can a girl kill things for once?) We have a very versatile tank/healing team. I love my team and my guild because of it. We all know where the other one is at any given time. My tanks know I’ve got their backs and when to blow their own oh shit! CDs if I can’t get to them right away.

 Back when I was first starting WoW, my best friend was a tree druid in a top raiding guild on Skywall. He was their raid heals and he would get so mad at the priests in his guild for “being lazy” when healing. He felt he was doing all the work while the priests rode on his coattails. I don’t know how accurate this is as I wasn’t really paying attention but I can understand his feelings. When he was teaching me to heal, he always told me not to be a “lazy priest”. If I see a holy priest in a raid with healing numbers below mine, I always think “what a lazy priest!” as I wonder what the hell happened. (Did they die in a fire? Go OOM? etc) I can always hear him in my head telling me not to be “lazy” and help out for the good of the raid.

 I am usually on tank healing with a holy pally and a tree on raid. My tank is almost always Kells but I have healed AJ on occasion. I love them both – they are awesome. When I tank heal I really only have a “rotation” on the initial pull. My tanks get a bubble, renew and a prayer of mending when they pull. After that, the rotation kinda goes out the window. I know I can get 3 Flash Heals between Penances. But after the first pull, depends on when my bubble is used and when weakened soul falls off or how much longer my Renew has on each tank. Or even, is there someone I can bubble who is taking damage so I can have Borrowed Time AND help the tree out a little. Then there’s the OMG tank is dying moment that calls for a Pain Suppression or a OMG tank and I are both dying for a Divine Hymn. I am always looking at the raid and trying to squeeze out a heal for a raid member who isn’t a tank. On some fights, the tanks taunt off of each other and I’m stuck with nothing to do but raid heal for a few seconds. I’m not just going to stand by as someone takes damage. If they need healing, I heal them. I am not going to wait for Keeb to heal them just because he’s “raid heals” and I’m “tank heals”. That’s crazy. We are all on the same team here. Keeb’s got 10 people to look after, I have one (two if I count myself). If I can make his job any easier without sacrificing my tank, I am going to do it. I am not going to be a “lazy priest”. For a raid to be successful, it must have all the parts – tanks, DPS, and heals. There is no excuse for a DPS to die because the tank healers where too good to heal a DPS or they chose to wait on the raid healer to “get to” them.

 The whole thought that Disc is only for tanks is absolutely ridiculous. As Disc, I do have a number of damage reducing talents that benefit the *whole* raid. Renewed Hope is an awesome talent but the more important talent would be the bubble that procs it. There is a reason I can spam my bubble and get mana back from Rapture. That reason is that I can blanket a raid in bubbles and not go OOM all the while keeping up Renewed Hope for everyone. Not to mention, a glyphed bubble can also crit – proc’ing Divine Aegis and Inspiration for further damage reduction. The entire raid deserves to have up to 13% damage reduction not just the tanks. That is 13% that Keeb doesn’t have to heal through and more mana for us all. That is a pretty good chunk of damage reduction when it happens, especially on a suicidal melee that can’t manage to find the back of the boss if his life depended on it (which it does). We also have a raid heal, Prayer of Mending. While it isn’t the greatest heal ever, it is still useful. I can’t even to begin to count how many times it has saved my ass. Stick it on the tank and watch it wiz around the whole raid. It doesn’t care what group a person is in, it just hops along on its merry way.

 Raid healing as Disc does require a certain amount of skill. It isn’t just bubble spam alone. It’s also about managing resources and understanding your raid make up. I usually have a warlock so I run a Renew on him as well as the tanks if his mana is getting low. I bubble the melee when I can and keep Prayer of Mending bouncing around. I’m usually using Flash Heal to top people off with a Penance if they get too low. If someone is taking just a small amount of damage, they get a bubble and a Renew so I can move on to another person. I almost never use Prayer of Healing. It is too damn slow and takes too much mana. The last time I used it was when I buffed everyone and topped my group off long before we pulled. I hardly ever use it in 5 mans either. It’s just not a good spell to me. I do love Divine Hymn though. It’s a fun spell when combined with Inner Focus but it only hits 3 targets.

 We have too many raid talents for anyone to consider us just for tanks. The more I look at it, the more I think of us a hybrid healing spec. Our strength is single target healing but we aren’t Holy Paladins, either. And for that matter, I have seen holy pallys that raid heal. The point is, Disc priests can raid heal if they put their mind to it. The people who say we can’t raid heal are the ones who cannot think outside the box and do not try new things. Priests are very versatile. You rarely ever see anyone QQ about a Holy Priest who gets stuck on tank heals. We priests can do it all. If it needs healing, heal it – easy as pie. Regardless of it’s a tank or a mage, they both need healing one way or another.


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