How heroics have prepared us for raiding

I like finding little things in heroics that lead to bigger things in raids. I have only cleared the first wing of ICC so far and there may be more in the other wings that I haven’t seen yet. I like how Bliz gives us a few training wheels to try out before the big show.

The Occulus attempted to prepare us for Eye of Eternity’s third phase. Healing on a dragon has got to be one of the worst things ever designed by Bliz. I can totally understand DPS’ing on a dragon but trying to heal 9-24 other dragons that don’t show up normally on your UI and trying to figure out the effects of each spell in the space of a few seconds is too much. There is no getting to know your dragon like you can with your rocket pack on the ICC gunship battle. There’s no time to read the tooltips much less understand them that first time. This leads to nearly instant wipes and much mass frustration.

Azjol-Nerub is an excellent example of heroics training us for raiding. The trash right before the first boss will spiderweb people as do the trash in ICC. The spider webs are exactly the same game mechanic for each in that it disables a random person and the web must be DPS’ed down. The AN Anub’Arak is nearly identical to the TotC version. You have to fall down a big hole to get to him in each. In AN, the spikes come out of the floor and in TotC they chase you around when he tunnels. He spawns multiple adds periodically as he tunnels. He aslo casts an insect swarm that causes damage. It is much more friendly in the heroic in that it doesn’t cause a lot of damage and it won’t heal him. Insect swarm on TotC is maddening to keep everyone around 30% health.

In Utgarde Pinnacle, the next to the last boss, Skadi, must be forced out of the sky similar to Razorscale in Ulduar. He also has swirly attack that is very much like Lord Marrowgar’s Bonestorm in that you have to avoid it at all costs. (And he seemingly only follows *me* each time.) Gal’Darah in Gundrak also shares an impale mechanic with Lord Marrowgar where the target is incapacitated and takes a far amount damage.

Trial of the Champion (ToC) has a few things to get you ready for other fights, including the most obvious of TotC with each in only one room and varying faction champs. But, the Black Knight is similar to Lady Deathwhisper. They both throw a Death and Decay on the floor for you to move out of.

It’s not just the old instances that prepare us, it’s the new Icecrown ones, too. In FoS you must not let the corrupted soul reach Bronjahm or he heals similar to the blood beasts on Saurfang. (This also happens with Jedoga in Old Kingdom.)

Another random thought along the same lines. In both CoS and HoR Arthas is with you. In CoS he asks you to help him murder the entire city. In HoR, he’s trying to murder you. In both instances you have to run a gauntlet with him but he’s completely different in each. I love how we can be worked into the lore at least a little bit. It’s almost as if he’s trying to snuff you out after witnessing what he did in the past. But, that just might be my own thoughts. I’m sure he’s past the point of carring seeing that he is the Lich King and all.


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