Why does my druid meet all the assholes?

I have been attempting to grind out some heroics to gear my baby druid, fubar server willing. My healing set is pretty kick ass but my tank set is not so good; passable, but not anything amazing. Leather tanking items are kinda difficult to obtain but I’m doing my best. I love tree healing but some times I want to be a RAWR! BEAR! I have learned not to bear without Keeb. I have learned there are such things as asshole healers the hard way.

I do my very best to hold aggro on everything as a bear with mostly blues and greens. My taunt has a 8 second cool down and an asshole resto shaman pulling extra mobs is *not* helpful. Yes, I know you are only here for your Frost badges, Mr. 5800 gear score Shaman of awesomeness, but could you cut a baby bear some slack? I asked you politely to stop pulling extra mobs to which you replied “or you could kick me”. My reply was “or you could stop being a jackass”. We progressed to the Brann event when shaman informs me that his main is a bear and it’s “the best tanking in the world”. I said “then you understand the CD on my taunt” and he did. So why are you fucking pulling extra shit when I just pulled one off you!?!??!11 is what I should have replied. Then he got on to me for “not touching your barkskin”. Hello, I totally had to barkskin several times because you were dpsing/healing *yourself* through the mobs that *you* pulled while all the real dps was busy fighting *your* mobs instead of the ones eating my face. I told my 3 guildies in guild chat we were totally going to kick this asshole after the event but I am too damn nice and he stayed until the end. The Ret pally wanted to do the other boss so I went after him. He butt pulled some pats so shaman decides to heal us for a couple of seconds before dropping group when we are surrounded by about 10 of those rune dwarves. We wipe and I am pissed at myself for being so nice and not kicking his ass.

My druid also meets asshole dps. I was attempting to tank a VH last night with Keeb when I constantly kept loosing aggro to the warrior with just as much health as me in bear. I taunted my little bear butt off, at one time I had 3 stacks of lacerate, a mangle and a faerie fire on the target but I still lost aggro. Stupid warrior was tanking – was pulling aggro off me intentionally. If you want to tank, sign up as a fucking tank.

Which brings me to Mr Ret Pally of awesomeness who thinks the “healer doesn’t matter”. I get super, insanly upset when someone takes a pot shot at *my* tree. That beautiful, glorious tree behind me is *mine*. He is *my* healer, not your’s *MINE*. <jumps up and down> So Mr Ret pally tells me to “pull faster” I tell him no and for that I will go slower. He goes on head of me in that first hallway in UP with the dps as I sit my fat bear butt down next to Keeb. They clear the trash and go into the boss fight. I figured I would watch the wipe coming from the top of the stairs. I look down and the elemental shaman is down there healing the bastard. GGRRRR The stupid boss pulls me from the top of the stairs down to the ritual area below so I kinda have to tank it at that point. Ret pally then asks if I am done “whining”. I wasn’t whining – I was demanding you respect that I am the tank, that is my spec and what I signed up to do. OMG this makes me not ever want to tank ever again.

I get to meet asshole while being a tree, too. I was thrown into FoS the other day. FoS is hard even on my mostly T10 priest with 2500+ spellpower and a 31K mana pool. Here I am with barely over 2K spellpower and a 18K mana pool with horrid mana regen trying to heal this place. I forget what the rest of the group was but there was this really mean-ass warlock with nearly a 5900 gearscore – full on T10 and ICC 25 man stuff. We zoned in the instance and he life tapped. Ok, part of a rotation – I get that, have a rejuve… Heal massive AoE damage… Holy hell – he’s about to die on trash! HEAL! HEAL! Tank’s almost dead – HEAL! Mr Warlock at 20% and still tapping – HEAL! because the tank isn’t stopping between groups of mobs. I die because of casters targetting me when I notice I have no soul stone, wtf? We get to the room with all the caster mobs and ‘lock is still tapping like it’s going out of style right in the middle of the fight. I have 2 casters on me that the tank refuses to pull off even though my flailing big ass tree self keeps running over him. I’m having to keep myself and the tank up as the ‘lock finally dies. I freak out and vuhdo magically changes from healing him to a b-rez and before I know it, I have wasted a b-rez because that little fucker SS himself. I am hoping mad at this point. But we get the instance done and a shiny new neck drops, Arcane Loops of Anger. That is a fine caster neck and almost all the casters I know have one. I can’t believe my luck! Its just me and this geared to the teeth lock that would get any use out of it. I hit need without a second thought – this guy is not going to roll against me – look at those dark red letters for a gear score. I am squeeling in delight at my new shiny when I notice the ‘lock needs on it. WTF? no… wait…. what… the … fuck?! I am surpised when I win it given my epic roll of “8” on everything. That neck was way better than the dps neck I picked up in H OK with hit on it. In party chat comes the ‘lock saying he’ll give me gold for it and that he had been running the instance for forever to get it. He opened trade and I stuck it in the window – just to see how much gold he was going to give me. I wait and wait. Turns out you can’t buy an item like that in the new LFG. I am torn. I know the anguish that comes from grinding a dungeon just to have the thing you wanted/needed go to another person. I completly understand that – its happened to me multiple times. I inspect the ‘lock and he still has the Conquest badge Evoker’s Charm. It’s the lowest ilvl item he has. He’s spamming /p with “plz man” every second. I started thinking about this ‘lock and how unfriendly he was to my baby tree. I decide that I have no desire to help him in the slightest. He didn’t say hello to everyone when everyone else said Hi. He didn’t give us lock rocks in a very difficult dungeon with lots of damage shared between all party members. He most certainly did not SS me, choosing to SS himself instead and wasting my b-rez in the process. He life tapped at the point of death on every mob – he was second to the tank in my total healing done. Fuck this asshole. Fuck him without dinner or a movie and most certainly without lube. He did not make any one’s life easier in that instance at all. He could have gotten on my good side and earned some respect with a simple SS. I told him to that I needed it more (which I did) and he should be nicer to the healer. I dropped group and equipped my new shiny. 🙂 Ha!

Wonder what kinds of assholes I’m going to run into tonight. I never have this problem on my priest and was even called a “uber healer” the other day in a random. I just don’t understand why my little druid is being constantly harrassed.


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