Deathbringer Saurfang down! Finally!

 Let it be known that on Tuesday 09 Feb 2010, my guild one-shotted all of the first wing in ICC – including Deathbringer Saurfang.

 We had some drama trying to find the Saurfang loot box and when we did, I seriously lost it. In the box was the Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff. There it was, the Best in Slot weapon for healy priests – right in front of me. I can’t roll for shit ever. That staff was an upgrade for the ‘Lock to whom I lost the last staff roll to in ToTC. Thankfully, Keeb had won the dagger from the Gunship battle so I didn’t have to worry about him rolling on it. The rest of the raid couldn’t use it between Paladins, DKs and the hunter. It was down to me and Bob the ‘Lock. Of course, I flipped out on vent. I had been telling people about it for days but I never thought I would even see it the way we were going on Saurfang. I rolled an 8 – a fucking 8! I just had to hide my tear stained face in my hands. I couldn’t watch the better roll I knew was coming. I was still going to have to farm HoR for an offhand like I have been since the damn thing came out. More stupid DPS targeting my shackled riflemen/mages, not any other mob, just to have them turn around and 2 shot me once the little fence fell.

 “Bob’s not going to roll”, said Bob in vent. My mind went blank. I heard the voices of my guildies congratulating me but it didn’t really hit home until I looked up and saw that I was awarded the staff. I looked in my bag and there it was. I blinked a few times and then tearfully thanked everyone for it. Bob totally called me on crying, too. “Is she sobbing?!” Yes, Bob, I am totally crying out of pure and utter happiness. We took a break and I made a quick run to the bank and the AH for gems and enchanting mats. I don’t really know what happened after that. I know we got the dogs down and we attempted something that was really hideous called Festergut. But I am really fuzzy on the details. I just know that I am the proud owner of the Mag’hari Chieftain’s Staff.


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