Stupid Realm Maintenance… grumble…

Since the realms are still down, it’s a good time for some screen shots.

I can haz sheep?

My baby druid hit 80 this morning. Here’s some her misadventures in leveling.

Love it! Like a little kid with a balloon


Sons of Hodir was fun.... ><

ZOMG! I am fugly! Why, Chromie? Why?!

There, there Sproutling, I know level 80 is scary... Come to mama...

Speaking of the Sproutling…

Gettin' down in Dalaran

Aawww! Baby have too much fish?

Disco Inferno!

The next screenies could possibly show the greatest thing ever in the history of everything… I love Sproutling’s expression in this one – it mirrored my own.

Kitty Rocket Butt!!!

Dancing Bear Rocket Butt!!!


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