ZOMG! Polearm on a bear

My priest has been neglected as of late as my baby druid ever slowly inches toward 80. As my guild has serval alts around the same level that are dps or heals it was suggested that I turn bear to tank for alt runs. It was an off hand suggestion but it really nagged at me. I wanted my druid to tank and heal from the first day I made her. She was feral up to level 40 when I dual spec’d into Balance/Resto. I was so frustrated at not holding aggro that I gave it up. But I always wanted to have a big ass polearm on my dainty night elf. Polearms look a big odd on a boomkin or a tree. I kept 2 in my bank from Outlands because I thought they looked wicked cool. But, also there are no caster polearms.

Kells made the suggestion and by the next day I had enlisted Keeb the tree to help me out. I cobbled together a tank set from my leatherworking and some stuff I got out of dungeons for my “off spec” if no one wanted them. I still don’t have any trinkets yet. I guess Bliz thinks tanks don’t need trinkets at low levels. >< Keeb made me a marginal tanking neck and off we went to the druid trainer in Moonglade. We got my spec done and he gave me a tanking crash course at the training dummies in Stormwind. Then we headed over to Borean Tundra to practice on mammoths with a side benefit of skinning them. I was as ready as I could be with out actually tanking anything. I looked over the dungeons I could do and we chose UK as the first one I would attempt. AJ came on his shammy and off we went.

I warned the other people in the group I was a noob cake tank and to please let me get aggro before attacking. They did as I asked and it went really well. Keeb would sneak past me and pull other mobs to keep me on my toes. He said, just wait till you have to deal with a hunter! LOL (OMG, he was right! Stupid trigger happy huntards… ) I don’t think I blinked the entire time we were in there. My eyes were so sore after that! I was trembling so bad, thank god for Keeb and AJ in vent. We did a few more and AJ died once in the exploding corpses in UK. But, other than that – no deaths – more from Keeb being OP for reg UK and OK than my tanking skills. I’ve settled into it pretty well, considering I was a crit chicken a few days ago.

Being a tank is so differant than being a healer. People listen to me now. If I’m in the back drinking or skinning, they run off without me – even if I tell them what I’m doing. Now, when my big butt sits down and doesn’t more – no one else moves either. I like that power. I totally power trip when I’m skinning every little thing and no one dares to charge ahead of me. It does seem like if the tank talks people listen. If the healer talks, it’s ignored and they keep on rolling. (Then bitch you out when they die.) I am a bit scared of that power tho. I can get really lost really quickly. I just hope the dps doesn’t just blindly follow me in that situation.

But… the best part about being a tank is that I finally get to have a polearm!!! Keeb and I were going to ZD to grind out some leather from the raptors when we stopped by the Ampitheater of Anquish. We solo’d the first two bosses when a ret pally came along and helped us out. At the end of the quest line was a shiny new polearm for little old me! I had the worst epically ugly feral staff in the history of the game and I was so glad to get a new weapon! Especially a big, sexy polearm. Now that I had said polearm, it needed an equally sexy enchant. Mongoose was in order but our enchanter didn’t have it. Kells suggested a Kara run. ZOMG! Yes! Please Please! I need a Kara run because I’ve never done it before.

I hopped back on my priest and we four manned Kara. The Mongoose enchant dropped right away and so did another one. We got to play chess and were attacked by faux Wizard of Oz characters! It was heaven! I got my achievement and my new polearm enchanted. Hells yeah!

We did the Valentine’s day holiday boss in SFK today. When it came time to switch to alts it was so cool to bring my druid! It drops 226 level stuff and I got a decent tanking neck. Not looking forward to doing that everyday on multiple toons tho. A few times is fun but after that its a grind. That whole charm bracelet needs to be reworked. I am a healer and a tank – I rarely if ever land a killing blow.


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