Warm Fuzzies Continue

Yesterday was a brutally emotional day for me and when I got home I really didn’t want to play WoW. I wanted to curl up in my blankets and shut the world out. But, that’s not a good thing to do so I logged on my druid. I said hi to the guild boys.

My random on my druid was a bit odd. It was Gundrak and as soon as I zone in one person is spitting on another. OK, whatever. People are strange. We are standing around waiting for someone to come back and the Ret Pally asks how everyone is doing today. I thought that was nice but the gnome DK responded with a “fuck you”. I sighed. I had already waited about 30 minutes  in the Q and really did not feel like healing – at all. I decided just to go with it. Well, I’m glad I did. That was a fantastic group. The 75 Ret Pally was pulling over 2K DPS despite being called a “dongster” at one point by Mr. Rude Gnome DK. I still have no idea what in the crap that means but I’m sure it’s not good. Our montley group stayed together through that and most of OK before the guild needed my priest for random.

It was pretty late at this point, around 4 am for me. This time it was me on my priest, Keeb being a bear instead of a tree, Holy on his DK and Kells on his hunter who needs the badges. We Q’d and got TOC. TOC used to induce panic attacks in me. I absolutely would not go in there unless I was DPS. I was there the night I turned 80 and it was miserable because I still didn’t have the mechanics of my class down yet. I cannot joust for jack shit. I should just stay outside while everyone jousts because that is how much help I am on a pony. The other person who came in was a shammy from another server who was very nice in /p. I always feel appoligetic to people who come into our mostly guild runs and try to make them feel at ease as much as possible.

We they jousted and I died as per usual. We got off our ponies and Kells accidentaly had his kitty, Diego, on aggressive and it wiped us. LULZ So we got back just in time for him to DC before a real pull of the trash before the easy mode paladin guy, what ever his name is. We stood around for a while, danced with my sproutling and Keeb threw snowballs at us. Holy said on /g that the shammy was in bad need of gear. I looked her over. I had noticed the Titansteel Guardian on her. I had the same thing and it made me feel like a “real” 80 when I got it. I loved the stuff dripping off it in shadowform, it’s still in my bank. The rest of her gear was all 200 heroics stuff and maybe one piece of T9. But, she was geared appropriately for an elemental shaman and everything was gemmed and enchanted. She was well on her way and on the right track. We all agreed that we were only there for Kells who had DC’d. The shammy said she had been trying to get TOC all day. I started to feel very motherly towards her. She just needed a bit of a helping hand (wasn’t guilded) and TOC is rich in upgrades for her. I made it a point to state that we were half way done and it would take maybe 10 minutes to finish once Kells had made it back online. The boys agreed so we stayed. Kells came back and we downed easy paladin dude. In the chest were new caster leather gloves and legs for our little shammy! These were serious upgrades for her – we all passed on every bit of it for her to take. Keeb was whispering me to say he wished my druid was there. I agreed but I felt really good that this little shammy got such great upgrades.

The Black Knight was a cake walk even tho Kells DC’d again. In this chest was the Spectral Kris caster dragger. That used to be the Holy Grail of weapons to me besides the War Mace of Unrequited Love from Nexus. There was something else in the chest, but I can’t remember what it was but it was an upgrade for the shammy. I was so stoked that she got that dagger. She kept thanking us in /p and asking if it was ok for her to get all the loot. She said she left like a loot whore and was there anything we wanted. We told her that we were geared better and couldn’t use the gear – for her to have it and use it. She said she wished we were on the same server because we were so nice to her. I wished the same thing. It is so rare to find a person like that in the LFG now. Heroics are to get gear. Over geared people seem to forget that. Everyone seems to want to get in and out without considering that there is a person behind that character. A person who is doing their best with what they are given, like that little shammy. I wish I could see that shammy in a month’s time to see how far she’s gone. I really should have written the name down, she was a wonderful person and delightful to group with. That is the kind of person I would want in our little guild. When she said she wished we were on the same server, I almost told her to transfer to join us but thought better of it because that’s not really my place. We parted ways because the server was due to go down for maintenance.

I logged off feeling much better than I had when I logged on. I love helping people like that. People who really need the help but don’t beg for it. People who have a firm grasp of how their character should be geared and make what they have work for them. People who are gracious and polite. People who are decent human beings and are courteous to other people. If everyone was like this, there would be no more PUG horror stories. As much as I love PUG horror stories, it is very refreshing to have a good PUG story for a change. 🙂


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