Yay! Compliments!

  I got complimented today. I need to say that again, I – the healer, got complimented on my skills. I am still in awe and it happened hours ago. I rarely, if ever, get complimented. Well, that’s not exactly true. My guildies compliment me and it does make me smile – but to have a completely random PUG’er, that is a different story. This PUG’er was one of the more epic Ret Paladins I’ve seen with a gear score approaching 5500. I don’t know what his DPS numbers were because I rarely look at Recount but things died really, really fast.

 I was in PoS with Kells and Lexi on her hunter with this Paladin of awesome sauce (plus random DK). Now, PoS can really stress me out. I always manage to aggro the same pat each time, even when trying very hard not to. The ice rock thrower guy almost always kills me. (ZOMG what is up with him talking about giant underpants?!) I usually have suicidal DPS who stand in the green badness. If I get chased by Ick, I normally die. The whole run up the side of the hill fight is horrible with all the cleansing and fire damage. I won’t even go into the cave of death with falling ice. Ugh – the whole thing is not Tobe friendly. (Caves + Priest = Death. It’s a proven fact.)

 Well, I survived the ice rock guy after aggroing that same stupid pat. I think Kells knows I always do this and he is always on his toes anyway. Then we got past the ambushers to Ick. We cleared the trash without any suicidal DPS. Paladin awesome sauce got one shotted by the poison nova – nothing I could do about that. The random DK went down to a bomb, so did Lexi. It was just me and Kells. Disc priest DPS is rather lacking and Prot pally DPS isn’t much better. We managed to get him almost all the way down when he chased me and killed me. Kells saved the day! Yay! Kells! He rez’d me and we got to rez’ing everyone else. Hill of death, here we come.

 I used to have a really, really hard time with the Hill of death – I was worried about my mana. Mana is a stupid thing for me to worry about. My mana pool is at almost 31K with out any buffs and with King’s its closer to 34K. I sit at around 800 odd MP5 out of casting with it. I have no mana problems whatsoever. But, I still worry. I do understand that full mana is wasted mana so now I bubble and Renew everyone, not just the tank. It gives me more of a cushion to dispel, not heal through, the disease/magic. Kells’s fire resistance aura really helps, too. And it is so important to keep Prayer of Mending bouncing around. I actually have to use my Pain Suppression on that hill sometimes. We made it up the hill – no problem.

 On to the Cave of death. I sat and drank some tea for mana. Just as soon as I stood up to type “R” in /p, Kells was entering the Cave of Death. Bubble and Renew on everyone again. I usually loose someone on the run up there, mostly me with an ill timed Fade. I really, really trust Kells to taunt off of me. He normally does, but everyone is human and I don’t want to make his job any harder than it needs to be. We beat the Cave of Death and random DK even got the achievement for no one getting hit with the ice.

 I breathe a sigh of relief and notice the chat bubble over Paladin awesome sauce’s head: “You two are the best tank and heals I have ever seen in here.” I… am… floored… The only time heals are mentioned in /p is to complain and/or demand to be healed. I look at the blue text in the chat box because I *know* I did not read that correctly. But, that is exactly what he said. I think Kells replied to that with a “:D” before running up to the last boss. I barely had time to reply with a “thanks :)” before we were knee deep in battle. I managed to snag the Nevermelting Ice Crystal. I had seen it before but never rolled on it. I think the extra spellpower/crit will help a lot on Deathbringer Saurfang where the bubbles need to be extra strong and plentiful. Poor Kells still didn’t get the thing he wanted; I have no idea what it’s called because we have never seen it. LOL

 I still feel all warm and fuzzy inside on the compliment. If if was a fresh 80 rogue that had made that statement it wouldn’t have held as much weight as that Paladin. He was obviously very well geared and only there for his Frost badges. Being that he was well geared, he must have run that several times before and saw many different combinations of people. I wanted to tell him that Kells and I are like peanut butter and jelly. Every raid where Kells tanks – I am his healer. We have a glorious innate understanding of each other’s abilities and weakenesses. I always know where he is at any given time, even in the worst of the healing tunnel vision. I never have to run around like a headless chicken after him to get him in range of heals. If he does get out of range, we always seem to meet in the middle. I have wanted a tank/healer relationship like this for so long. It’s one of the reasons I love my guild.

 Another reason I love my guild is my amazing relationship with the other healers – but that is a post for another day. I just want to bask in the glory in being complimented for a change.


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