Ugh More Fail

So we went into ICC 10 again this week. We get every boss down until Deathbringer Saurfang – again. The gunship battle continues to be a shit ton of fun. We weren’t able to go back on Thursday to finish it because our mage vanished into thin air among other things. He is completely and utterly gone. We cannot find him in the Armory on any of his toons. We are very worried he may have gotten hacked, too. He had an authenticator so we are all very confused.

My baby druid is now up to level 73 and has a cute level 80 (normally tree) bear tank for dungeon crawls. He gets bored and pulls multiple mobs which is good exprience for me. An awesome level 80 bear with 40K health doesn’t really take a lot of damage from level 70 elites which is kind of a problem for rage generation. But, some how we manage in spectacualar form.

I have learned that Regrowth does not equal a Flash Heal. I have learned to be patient with the HoTs and let them do what they are meant to do. I throw one out there, get frustrated when the person isn’t at 100% health in an instant and start to cast another heal. Oh, bad tree! I’m so used to bubbling everyone all the time that it feels weird not to have it. I miss my Prayer of Mending and can’t help but think it’s a sibling to Wild Growth in it’s randomness. I hardly ever cast Prayer of Healing because I can throw 2 Flash Heals in the time it takes to cast so it’s odd for me to have a group heal that is useful. I have a sticky note on my computer screen to remind myself to cast it instead of Rejuve the party. It’s call part of the learning curve, I guess.


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