Thankfully not me this time. My GM was hacked last night and lost everything – including our guild. The hacker disbanded our guild when he gained control of the account. I logged into my priest last night fully expecting to get the fishing and cooking dailies done before working on my druid. I logged in and noticed there was no guild name under my name plate. I didn’t have access to the Guild tab either. I logged into my druid, same story on her. All of my stuff was intact so it wasn’t me that got hacked.

 I absolutely lost my shit and started to cry. I texted my amazing Tree to find out what was going on. He logged on to find he wasn’t in the guild either. I am freaking out. I had accidentally taken some fish out of the GB and was worried I had gotten /g kicked over it. Slowly, we all started to assemble as people whispered others on their friends list. We all were not in the guild – every single one of us. We all sent whispers to the GM who was shown as logged on but DND. A few guildies text messaged him at home and he knew absolutely nothing that was happening. We saw his toon on Wow Heroes stripped bare except for his badge gear. The hacker had sold everything including all of his bags and was using the toon to farm herbs in The Stormpeaks. The guild bank was gone – all the gems, all the herbs I farmed for hours, all the other random things in the “Secks Toys” tab. We are hoping we will get the tabs back at least. I can farm more herbs and we can cut more gems but those tabs are expensive.

 In the end, we had to remake the guild. It was crazy because everyone normally goes to bed around the same time every night. No one logged for a long time after we found out what had happened. I guess it was like people standing around dazed after a major disaster. Nobody really wanted to leave or miss some vital piece of information, I guess.

 I am so happy and so proud to be part of such a strong little guild. I am sure something like this would have decimated a smaller, less dedicated bunch. But we really rallied the troops and we are going to face this adversity head on. I am positive if we can get through this – we can down that bastard Deathbringer Saurfang tomorrow night. ICC won’t know what hit it!


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