UK is Fun Again

 My baby druid has finally reached Northrend! It took a lot of fucking Mana Tombs and Sethekk Halls to get there. I thought I hated those on my priest, little did I know of the face eating that happened to my Restokin regularly. It really didn’t matter if I was a tree or a boomer. Things came right at me to have a taste of my supple Nelf flesh.

 I was booming it up with a tree druid (Treefrog you were awesome!) on Sethekk Halls and she complained about why these instances don’t like healers. I told her that birds like trees and we all had a good laugh. But, it got me to thinking about it. Sethekk Halls is especially hard on healers. There are these goofy totems that mind control people. In boomkin, I usually kill at least one person. In tree, I blow my giant healing CD or I just stand there not doing anything but getting eaten. This isn’t a boss totem, it’s one that happens on quite a few trash mobs in there. If the tank is not skilled (most DKs) or the dps doesn’t know to kill these right off, it’s pretty much a wipe every time. One little tree doesn’t stand much of a chance against a whole elite mob let alone 4 MC’d teammates. I was so glad to be rid of that place. It did give me enough rep with Lower City to eventually do my swift flight form quest so I can’t really be all that mad at it.

Just as soon as I hit 68, I was on the slow boat to China Northrend. I had bought myself the Tome of Cold Weather Flying and had it learned exactly one second after dinging 68. I am currently in Howling Fjord and loving it. Some of my most favorite quests are there. I love the quest line with the Explorer’s League that ends with you running around as a mechanical scarecrow harvester thingie like the ones in Westfall. I love the little mini flight point to get out there and I love the rickety little plane that takes the scenic route to get across the bay. What I love the most of all, is the Tuskar. They are so completely awesome! I wish they were a playable race. I can totally imagine a Tuskar shaman or hunter. My most favorite quest of all time is there. It’s the one where you have to make walruses falling in love by luring a bull across the straight with some tasty reef fish to a waiting female. That quest is so much fun! The little hearts buff on them states they need some “time alone”. It is so very cute.

 I did try my hand at, what I thought would be, a quick UK run. Let me tell you, there is nothing quick about a UK run at level in all Outlands gear. It most certainly is not the “cake” instance I am used to on my T9 bubble priest. Bubble and Prayer of Mending spam and I’m reading a blog or watching The Daily Show. UK at level is a scary experience, regardless of specs. As a Boomkin, I’m pulling aggro off the tank. As a Tree, I’m pulling aggro off the tank. It’s a no win situation. When dps’ing I count to 3, I wait for the AoE threat whatever it is. But I still pull every one of the mobs off the tank. This means dead chicken. When healing, I toss a Rejuve at the tank until he takes damage and then it’s a regrowth. This somehow pulled all the mobs off a DK tank. I still don’t understand why I have so much threat. I need to work on my spec and/or get the expensive Wisdom enchant for my level 60 cloak.

 That first UK run was horrible. The Holy Pally was just horrendous. I would never let my tank pull with 30% health but she just stood there like a tard. I was constantly at half or less health and having to heal myself. I can see her mana bar; it was nearly full the entire time. What she was doing – I have no earthly idea. My Tranquility was the only thing that saved us from wiping a few times. The level 80 Paladin tank couldn’t hold agro and I was constantly being gnawed on. How is it possible for a level 68 Outland dungeon blues Boomkin can pull aggro off an epically geared level 80 Paladin tank? Was he asleep as well? He was from the same guild as the Holy Pally. Is he so teribad that he is relegated to running lower levels through regular dungeons? I don’t know.

 The next UK was one that I healed myself. I need to get in some tree time in Northrend. I was so surprised to see that I can get 2 Triumph badges a day by doing the first random dungeon. That is really cool. It may be another week or two before I hit 80 so it’s nice to get a little bit of a head start on the heroic badge grind. Healing UK as a baby tree was a lot different. I still look for my Prayer of Mending button. (I know that stupid thing is right here… oh, wait…) I still am surprised that when I left click my mouse on the Vuhdo it’s a Rejuve that pops up and not a shiny bubble. Every time I see myself in Tree form I think that my amazing guildie tree that has some how transported himself into my screen. It was so hard to keep that group up. I lost a few and even died myself on the last boss. (I’ll paint my face with your blood! LULZ) It was exciting and frustrating all at the same time. It took about an hour to do instead of the 15-20 min heroic runs I’m used to. I am not looking forward to healing through Loken’s Lightning Nova in HoL or the 3rd phase of the Black Knight in ToC. I am just now really comfortable with them on my priest. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do in CoS either. I just Holy Nova the zombies and they fall over. I wonder if thorns/Rejuve will be enough to keep me alive.

 I hit level 70 before I left for work and now I can do AN in addition to UK and Nexus. I wonder if I can cleanse the poison of the tards standing in green clouds…


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