Last week we were riding high on a wave of awesome after one shotting TotC and most of ICC 10 up to Deathbringer Saurfang. We thought we were ready and that progression was in order. This week on to ToGC 10 and ICC 10. We had 2 different guild people this week and no pug’ers.

 We had a fun time almost wiping on ICC 10 trash after we got into a trap. Nothing like a bubble/fade combo to get you out of tight situation. We one shotted the first guy after he took a liking to impaling me a few times. We very nearly had Lady Deathwhisper but the tanks couldn’t control the adds and we wiped. She went down with out any drama the next try. I got a small upgrade to my crafted wrists. + 3 INT FTW! The Gunship battle was just as fun as it was before. This time my tank was on the away team and I got to stand on the edge of doom to heal him. Yay for something different!

 By this time we just knew we were the l33t sauce – nothing could stand in our way… except Deathbringer Saurfang… OMG! Just do yourself a favor and jump off the side of the gunship for the next few hours and save yourself the hassle of wiping on that bastard. Our team was made up of me, a tree, holly pally, 2 prot pallies, 2 DKS, a rogue, a mage and a lock. In that damnable Tanksptot video they showed ranged dps running around the blood beasts and burning them while a hunters frost trap slowed them down. We only had 2 ranged and neither was a hunter, doh. We tried to make it work, we really did. We kept having bad luck with the Mark of the Fallen Champion. It would hit either me or the tree or a tank. We ended up 2 healing it as we switched out a holy pally for a mage. We thought we would be less likely to have a healer get hit with it if we had 2 healers instead of 3 and we would have another ranged dps. It was a good plan until I got hit with it twice in a row. Its an automatic wipe at that point. We tried to B-Rez me to try to get the shit off and it didn’t work – at all. We tried for a good 3 hours before we called it. We all felt a little dejected and pissed off at that point.

 The next day it was off to ToGC. I watched the strat videos from Tankspot. ToGC didn’t look different and they make everything look easy. I got all my consumables and farmed the fish for the feasts. I was prepared, my sproutling had his dancing shoes on, it was all good. Until we started it up. The kobolds take easily four times as long to dps off the affected person. The fire that gets shot at you leaves a stacking debuff that HURTS and cuts right through my bubbles like a hot knife in butter. I always seem to be hit by the fire and this one was particularly painful. Imagine my surprise when I look up and see those damn worms coming out of the door while Gorlock is still at around 20%. OOHHHH FFFFFFF! Oh noes! We panic and wipe.

 We dust ourselves off and try again. This time we burn down Gorlock and are ready for the worms. We wipe again because there was too much paralytic poison and not enough burning bile. People had to run across the whole width of the room to get to the burning bile to get cleansed.

 We try again. Another wipe on the worms. We decide its a good idea to put it back on normal. We wipe again before getting the Northrend Beasts down. We settle into a groove and get down Jaraxxus. Faction Champs can go DIAF! I got killed by tree ents FFS! They don’t fear and there’s no aggro table. They always go for the clothies first. I am fucked every time we go in there. I wish there was a way to commit suicide just to save me the frustration. I could just take my shiny dagger and do a samurai seppuku. I am still frustrated! LOL We called it for the night. Hopefully, next week will be a lot better.


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