Servers are down… time for screen shots!

Another hour until the Realms are up, if things go way they should. Here’s some screen shots because I’m bored…

This is what happens when you eat random things in the Dalaran sewers:

Look at my tail! It even wiggled... so cute!

ICC rep grind is *boring* and I haven’t done it since. I’m a bad priest… I actually got to dps this one with another Shadow Priest – ZOMG.

Don't cross the streams!

My Teldrassil Sproutling is always out. He’s my favorite pet out of the 81 I have. He’s my very own healer cheerleader and I went so far as the send one to my own Tree Druid. The Sproutling is funny because of his animations and his utter disregard to the things happening around him.

TotC again!? Meh

He was not impressed by Jaraxxus

Don't dance in the corner of doom!

That’s a nice druid from another server that healed one of my HoR runs – I cannot think of her name but she was really awesome.

He is also not impressed by the druid in flight form on a mount...

He was not as impressed as I was with the mounted druid in flight form

The Sproutling has learned Levitate from my priest just in time for BRD. This one is my baby druid.

Take that, Lich King!

This is what my priest used to look like…

Bad dog!!!


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