Low Level Instances and Loot

I have been leveling my baby druid like mad in the new LFG system. It not only gives me massive experience and a bit of money but also a cute little goodie bag. The crap thing about the bag is that it gives me stuff I don’t need. It just flings a leather something or other at me, regardless of my class or spec. I’m sure I would love agility as a kitty but as a Restokin, its just not “helpful” other than vendoring it for a gold. It’s just not me that gets stuff they don’t need. People usually pop open their bags right after they get them and you can see what everyone else gets. I saw a DK get a neck with INT and spellpower today. I would have killed to have that neck. I’m still rocking the one from Scarlet Monastery.

Which brings me to another point, I should be able to roll “Need” on caster cloth. Caster leather is few and far between. I very nearly shit a brick when leather legs dropped for me in ZF. I could not believe what I was seeing and haven’t seen it since. Take a look at the casting classes: druids, priests, warlocks, shamans (shamen?) and mages. (I would factor in paladins to a certain point, but only holy pallies and they don’t have to fight for healy plate.) The majority wear cloth, so obviously, more cloth than leather will drop because of higher demand and more classes that can use it. My druid can wear leather AND cloth. Most of the gear on her right now is cloth. I can’t help that every upgrade that comes my way is cloth. I didn’t design the game this way. I’m the one getting punished by not being able to make an appropriate NEED roll when I NEED the item. If Bliz wanted me to wear *only* leather, they should have made it that way. Instead, they went the time saving route and made multiple cloth wearing classes so they wouldn’t have to design more gear than they have to. Considering the staggering amount of work that goes into the game, I can’t blame them for this. But it is absolutely mind boggling that I can’t roll NEED on cloth when I am able to wear it and get good use of it.

Which brings me to my next point, douchey low levels you encounter in low level dungeons. Its to the point that when I see a toon in heirlooms I just want to /cheer at them. At least they have a high level character and know the ropes. They tend to be more understanding and patient with everything. Then you have the noobs and newbs. I met a real Noob, capital N, today in Blood Furnace. I went in as Boomkin because I wanted a stress free run. I got DC’d on the first pull and when I came back the holy priest had dropped group. I offered to heal to make our down time shorter. This was a mistake because in came a hunter by the name of Xaelia of Draenor with a cute kitty pet named Starlight. I tree’d it up with only a few hiccups so our group stayed together for another random which dropped us in Ramps. We flew through it and got to the last boss. Who, you guessed it, dropped caster cloth legs with 3 gem slots. I was still in the leather legs from ZF which were equipable at level 4o-something. I had to greed it and hope for the best. I lost the roll to the huntard. The tank had Q’d us for another random and off we went to Blood Furnance, again. I whispered the huntard and asked if she would trade me the legs because I couldn’t roll need and it was a huge upgrade. She couldn’t use it, a quick inspection and she was in all mail. No response. I tried again, no answer. Not even a “fuck you noob L2P” – not a goddamn thing. I called her out in /p to the horror of my teammates. She never said a word. She was a good hunter so I didn’t have the opportunity to let her die, mores’ the shame. If she would have been a good person and at least replied to me, I would have even called her an excellent hunter. But, she had to go and be a freaking douche nozzle about it. All she needed to say was that she needed the gold from vendoring it and I would have offered her gold for it. I have a rich 80 to support my druid and I could have given her a lot more than the 2 gold it vendors for. You know, I say “she” but I don’t really know. It could be a Chinese gold farmer dude in a basement somewhere.

The final point is, let’s all be nice to each other because Bliz is screwing us all on loot rolls. I told my guildies in /g what happened and my very favorite tank came and ran me through Ramps till it dropped again. We even did Blood Furnance for a shot at the leather legs that drop in there. Kells, you are amazing. I love you more than I should. 🙂

Cue "Jaws" music....


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