Things I did as a Newb

When I say Newb, I mean someone who is fresh to a game – not someone who is an ass that can’t take direction. I only began playing because seemingly everyone around me was playing and I began to feel a bit left out. My best friend has been playing since Vanilla. I was his “moral support” in the “nerd herd” awaiting both expansions at our local Game Stop in the middle of the night. I just stood with him, PSP in hand, while everyone around me spoke a different language. I had no clue what anyone was talking about, I really just wanted to go home to get out of the B.O. cloud of doom we where constantly standing in. (Just a though, but I think that Game Stop employees should have a tip jar on their counter. They deserve a little extra for putting up with stinky, socially awkward people.)

So, one day, I told my BFF that I wanted to play. His laptop has WoW on it and he dutifully let me play. I told him that I love the female dwarf swirling pigtails animation and I didn’t want to be up in the front where the bad things happen. So, my priest was born as a cute little dwarf with black pigtails and a vacant stare to match my own facial expression of newbness. I really never thought I would see past level 8, maybe 10 at the absolute most. Off little Tobe went into the snowy hills to slay troggs and whatever else was there, I can’t remember. LOL

* I spent the first 2 or 3 levels hitting things with my mace instead of casting. I had no idea what Smite was until I vocally complained that this game sucks and why do I keep dying?! To which the BFF replied, how did you die? You’re only level 2! How is that even possible? Then, he showed me the Smite button. I can’t say that increased my survivability any but at least I didn’t look like a tard.

* I didn’t know what the Bubble was until well after I trained it at level 6. More vocal complaints about my dying all the time before the BFF said, why the hell aren’t you bubbled? That confused me even more. But, he put it on my cast bars and I never looked back. Funny to think about that now that I’m a Disc Priest.

* I thought Fade would work anywhere, even by myself. Imagine my surprise when my transluscent self still died in the middle of a mob.

* I cried when I got kicked from the first ever instance I had to heal, which was Stockades. A random person asked me to heal and off I went to the BFF for him to teach me to heal a group. He sat with me the whole time. He told me to always keep the tank bubbled and put a Renew on him. Being at level, mana regen is crap and I had to drink after every pull. I guess this didn’t sit well with the tank and I got booted. But I took that crash course to heart and to this day my tank (and the OT) gets a bubble and a Renew.

* Someone convinced me that it was a good idea to run up to the Pit Commander just inside the Dark Portal. He told me that something awesome was going to happen and everyone does it. I called him on the bullshit for a while but then I gave up. I really trust this person and I didn’t think he would lead me astray. In the end, I ran past all the demons on the stairs on my cute white ram. I epically dismounted mid run, sailing through the air – casting a beautiful golden bubble on myself as I ran… right into a massive foot, squishing me in one shot. Thank god, no one was around because it was well after 0100. I am surprised he didn’t make a special trip to Outlands to see me get squished.

* I got pummeled by a Fel Reaver. I learned about that pretty quick. I laughed at other people who got flattened and cheered at the random level 80’s that took them down on occasion. I still go out there and take one out if I’m bored.

* I had no idea what PVP was until level 73. Sad, I know. Before that I was Holy/Shadow. I got Q’d into a BG by a crazy Paladin and I had no idea what was going to happen. I just knew I loved every minute of it once it started. I did AV as my first BG and got out of sorts at dying so much. So, I looked at my healing trees and did some research. But the one thing that really got me into the Disc was Penance, especially this video. I saw the sparkly, amazing goodness and I had to have it. I got myself to the priest trainer in SW and re-spec’d out of Holy. I leveled to 80 mostly in BG’s. I wanted a chaotic environment with a lot of people taking damage to practice for raiding. I don’t know if it helped my healing so much as helped my environmental awareness. I just couldn’t run around by myself or I would get eaten alive, mostly by rogues. I had to watch every step and be extremely mobile. I just couldn’t root myself to one spot. I had to cast, run a bit, cast, run some more, etc until I ran out of mana or I died – usually at the same time.


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