A Successful Oculus run? Could it be!?

Today was my first day in my new, amazing guild. Four of us Q’d up for the random and our cute little mage yelled “Oculus FTW!” Little did we know seconds later we would be transported to the most dreaded instance in Northrend. Hilarity ensued. The shaman that pug’d into our group was really cool about being a guild run and she was totally on it. She popped Heroism when it was needed and didnt stand in the ouchies, which is more than I could have hoped for. And, she was really cool about my crazy new guildies. We very nearly had the Make it Count achievemet but wiped on the last boss once. I didn’t get the mount in my bag of goodies… *sad panda face*

This is the same guild that I one-shot TotC 10 with all the time and very nearly completed ICC 10 with the other day. I really love those guys! I always feel comfortable with them and I never feel like I need to be quiet in vent because of my gender. I don’t get any “girls don’t play WoW” bullshit with them and its awesome.

We did ICC 10 just out of the blue after a TotC 10 run with no problems at all. I was a little apprehensive about it. I still feel like such a noob compared to these peeps, but we found a great hunter, a non-suicidal rogue and a ‘Lock to pug into our little group. The ‘Lock really helped us out. I hope we can run with him again. I didn’t think to get many screenies of our run but I made sure to get a few…

oh god, oh god, we're all going to die!!!

I have to say, seeing our amazing, beautiful tree as a bear with rockets on his big butt has to be the highlight of my week….

Rocket butt FTW!

And from the front…

you would look cranky too if you had a rocket up your butt


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