Introduction and Basic PUG Etiquette

Hello peoples of The Internet! I love reading other people’s WoW blogs and thought to myself might as well write my own. I am a human Discipline Priest on Suramar who raids on occasion. I do enjoy raiding but I lack the time. Most of the time, I can be found diligently running behind a tank in a random 5 man heroic. Sometimes that tank is a crazy dwarf Paladin with a 15% speed boost… but, I digress… This blog will be about my experiences so don’t expect any theory crafting here.

Being that I run heroics all the time, I have compiled a list of things that I expect out of a PUG heroic. I don’t ask for much. I don’t care about DPS numbers or gear scores or healing meters as long as the boss dies without any drama. I just run after the tank and heal what needs to be healed – maybe pick an herb or two along the way. But, there are things that irk me into a rage group quit.

Here is my guide to keeping me (and other like minded people) happy with basic etiquette:

1. Buff us and I don’t mean ghetto buffs. I have a good 4 stacks of candles on hand at the start of my day. I panic if I get below 30 candles and head over to the reagent vendor in IF next to the AH. I don’t know why I like this little guy but he’s my go-to man for candles. If I can get my butt to the vendor, you can, too. My reasoning is paladin buffs last 10 minutes. I can normally do a heroic in 15-20 minutes with a reasonably well geared group. Therefore, the paladin will have to either rebuff or let us go buff-less. And I know I don’t need the Blessings, but what about the fresh 80 Boomkin that has to drink after every pull? She would be very grateful for Wisdom or Kings. Or how about the suicidal rogue that won’t move out of the lasers in HoS? He could use Sanctuary – every bit of extra stamina and damage reduction on that guy makes it an easier time on me. Just give us the group buffs and forget about it.

2. Bring your own food/water. Don’t mooch off the mage. If the mage is kind enough to put down a table or trade you conjured items, thank them for it. They aren’t a vending machine. (This also applies to mage portals, just because they can port us to Dalaran doesn’t mean they have to.)

3. If we wipe, we all run. I know there’s big discussion about this going on right now but I feel its common courtesy to run. If I am the only one that survives on a near wipe, I will gladly rez everyone if its safe to do so. I have no problem with that. But, after a wipe, don’t expect me to heal you to full. Don’t stand around with your thumbs up your butt, sit down and eat (*points to number two on the list*). And for tanks, please wait a few extra seconds for people to eat and get re-buffed before pulling again.

4. Let the tank pull. The whole reason why we have a tank is to pull a mob and take the the damage. Rogues – I understand you have Tricks of the Trade but the only leather wearing tank should be a bear. Also, let the tank pull at their own pace. If the tank’s pace isn’t good enough for you, leave. Don’t call the tank a n00b that needs to L2P, maybe that bear was a tree 20 minutes ago because his guild needs him to tank. Everyone has to learn at some time and don’t make the rest of us suffer because you’re an impatient ass. Either suck it up or take the deserter debuff.

5. If I make a friendly suggestion, that means I want you to change what you are doing not say “LOL” in /p and keep doing it. This goes for the things above and things like Crusader Auras, excessive Warlock Life Taps and aggro monkey dps. I stand behind everyone. I can see what you are doing and who has aggro at any time. I will ask you to change what you are doing before leaving. I will give everyone the benefit of the doubt but if it continues, I’m gone. I have a near instant random when I queue. And I don’t worry about the deserter debuff, that just gives me time for dailies or herbing.

I really don’t want to come off as a bitch but the vast majority of groups I get don’t have an issue with any of these. Most people out there are fine, upstanding people that just want to get their badges and have fun. I’m one of these.


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