Ugh More Fail

So we went into ICC 10 again this week. We get every boss down until Deathbringer Saurfang – again. The gunship battle continues to be a shit ton of fun. We weren’t able to go back on Thursday to finish it because our mage vanished into thin air among other things. He is completely and utterly gone. We cannot find him in the Armory on any of his toons. We are very worried he may have gotten hacked, too. He had an authenticator so we are all very confused.

My baby druid is now up to level 73 and has a cute level 80 (normally tree) bear tank for dungeon crawls. He gets bored and pulls multiple mobs which is good exprience for me. An awesome level 80 bear with 40K health doesn’t really take a lot of damage from level 70 elites which is kind of a problem for rage generation. But, some how we manage in spectacualar form.

I have learned that Regrowth does not equal a Flash Heal. I have learned to be patient with the HoTs and let them do what they are meant to do. I throw one out there, get frustrated when the person isn’t at 100% health in an instant and start to cast another heal. Oh, bad tree! I’m so used to bubbling everyone all the time that it feels weird not to have it. I miss my Prayer of Mending and can’t help but think it’s a sibling to Wild Growth in it’s randomness. I hardly ever cast Prayer of Healing because I can throw 2 Flash Heals in the time it takes to cast so it’s odd for me to have a group heal that is useful. I have a sticky note on my computer screen to remind myself to cast it instead of Rejuve the party. It’s call part of the learning curve, I guess.


 Thankfully not me this time. My GM was hacked last night and lost everything – including our guild. The hacker disbanded our guild when he gained control of the account. I logged into my priest last night fully expecting to get the fishing and cooking dailies done before working on my druid. I logged in and noticed there was no guild name under my name plate. I didn’t have access to the Guild tab either. I logged into my druid, same story on her. All of my stuff was intact so it wasn’t me that got hacked.

 I absolutely lost my shit and started to cry. I texted my amazing Tree to find out what was going on. He logged on to find he wasn’t in the guild either. I am freaking out. I had accidentally taken some fish out of the GB and was worried I had gotten /g kicked over it. Slowly, we all started to assemble as people whispered others on their friends list. We all were not in the guild – every single one of us. We all sent whispers to the GM who was shown as logged on but DND. A few guildies text messaged him at home and he knew absolutely nothing that was happening. We saw his toon on Wow Heroes stripped bare except for his badge gear. The hacker had sold everything including all of his bags and was using the toon to farm herbs in The Stormpeaks. The guild bank was gone – all the gems, all the herbs I farmed for hours, all the other random things in the “Secks Toys” tab. We are hoping we will get the tabs back at least. I can farm more herbs and we can cut more gems but those tabs are expensive.

 In the end, we had to remake the guild. It was crazy because everyone normally goes to bed around the same time every night. No one logged for a long time after we found out what had happened. I guess it was like people standing around dazed after a major disaster. Nobody really wanted to leave or miss some vital piece of information, I guess.

 I am so happy and so proud to be part of such a strong little guild. I am sure something like this would have decimated a smaller, less dedicated bunch. But we really rallied the troops and we are going to face this adversity head on. I am positive if we can get through this – we can down that bastard Deathbringer Saurfang tomorrow night. ICC won’t know what hit it!

UK is Fun Again

 My baby druid has finally reached Northrend! It took a lot of fucking Mana Tombs and Sethekk Halls to get there. I thought I hated those on my priest, little did I know of the face eating that happened to my Restokin regularly. It really didn’t matter if I was a tree or a boomer. Things came right at me to have a taste of my supple Nelf flesh.

 I was booming it up with a tree druid (Treefrog you were awesome!) on Sethekk Halls and she complained about why these instances don’t like healers. I told her that birds like trees and we all had a good laugh. But, it got me to thinking about it. Sethekk Halls is especially hard on healers. There are these goofy totems that mind control people. In boomkin, I usually kill at least one person. In tree, I blow my giant healing CD or I just stand there not doing anything but getting eaten. This isn’t a boss totem, it’s one that happens on quite a few trash mobs in there. If the tank is not skilled (most DKs) or the dps doesn’t know to kill these right off, it’s pretty much a wipe every time. One little tree doesn’t stand much of a chance against a whole elite mob let alone 4 MC’d teammates. I was so glad to be rid of that place. It did give me enough rep with Lower City to eventually do my swift flight form quest so I can’t really be all that mad at it.

Just as soon as I hit 68, I was on the slow boat to China Northrend. I had bought myself the Tome of Cold Weather Flying and had it learned exactly one second after dinging 68. I am currently in Howling Fjord and loving it. Some of my most favorite quests are there. I love the quest line with the Explorer’s League that ends with you running around as a mechanical scarecrow harvester thingie like the ones in Westfall. I love the little mini flight point to get out there and I love the rickety little plane that takes the scenic route to get across the bay. What I love the most of all, is the Tuskar. They are so completely awesome! I wish they were a playable race. I can totally imagine a Tuskar shaman or hunter. My most favorite quest of all time is there. It’s the one where you have to make walruses falling in love by luring a bull across the straight with some tasty reef fish to a waiting female. That quest is so much fun! The little hearts buff on them states they need some “time alone”. It is so very cute.

 I did try my hand at, what I thought would be, a quick UK run. Let me tell you, there is nothing quick about a UK run at level in all Outlands gear. It most certainly is not the “cake” instance I am used to on my T9 bubble priest. Bubble and Prayer of Mending spam and I’m reading a blog or watching The Daily Show. UK at level is a scary experience, regardless of specs. As a Boomkin, I’m pulling aggro off the tank. As a Tree, I’m pulling aggro off the tank. It’s a no win situation. When dps’ing I count to 3, I wait for the AoE threat whatever it is. But I still pull every one of the mobs off the tank. This means dead chicken. When healing, I toss a Rejuve at the tank until he takes damage and then it’s a regrowth. This somehow pulled all the mobs off a DK tank. I still don’t understand why I have so much threat. I need to work on my spec and/or get the expensive Wisdom enchant for my level 60 cloak.

 That first UK run was horrible. The Holy Pally was just horrendous. I would never let my tank pull with 30% health but she just stood there like a tard. I was constantly at half or less health and having to heal myself. I can see her mana bar; it was nearly full the entire time. What she was doing – I have no earthly idea. My Tranquility was the only thing that saved us from wiping a few times. The level 80 Paladin tank couldn’t hold agro and I was constantly being gnawed on. How is it possible for a level 68 Outland dungeon blues Boomkin can pull aggro off an epically geared level 80 Paladin tank? Was he asleep as well? He was from the same guild as the Holy Pally. Is he so teribad that he is relegated to running lower levels through regular dungeons? I don’t know.

 The next UK was one that I healed myself. I need to get in some tree time in Northrend. I was so surprised to see that I can get 2 Triumph badges a day by doing the first random dungeon. That is really cool. It may be another week or two before I hit 80 so it’s nice to get a little bit of a head start on the heroic badge grind. Healing UK as a baby tree was a lot different. I still look for my Prayer of Mending button. (I know that stupid thing is right here… oh, wait…) I still am surprised that when I left click my mouse on the Vuhdo it’s a Rejuve that pops up and not a shiny bubble. Every time I see myself in Tree form I think that my amazing guildie tree that has some how transported himself into my screen. It was so hard to keep that group up. I lost a few and even died myself on the last boss. (I’ll paint my face with your blood! LULZ) It was exciting and frustrating all at the same time. It took about an hour to do instead of the 15-20 min heroic runs I’m used to. I am not looking forward to healing through Loken’s Lightning Nova in HoL or the 3rd phase of the Black Knight in ToC. I am just now really comfortable with them on my priest. I’m not quite sure what I’m going to do in CoS either. I just Holy Nova the zombies and they fall over. I wonder if thorns/Rejuve will be enough to keep me alive.

 I hit level 70 before I left for work and now I can do AN in addition to UK and Nexus. I wonder if I can cleanse the poison of the tards standing in green clouds…


  Last week we were riding high on a wave of awesome after one shotting TotC and most of ICC 10 up to Deathbringer Saurfang. We thought we were ready and that progression was in order. This week on to ToGC 10 and ICC 10. We had 2 different guild people this week and no pug’ers.

 We had a fun time almost wiping on ICC 10 trash after we got into a trap. Nothing like a bubble/fade combo to get you out of tight situation. We one shotted the first guy after he took a liking to impaling me a few times. We very nearly had Lady Deathwhisper but the tanks couldn’t control the adds and we wiped. She went down with out any drama the next try. I got a small upgrade to my crafted wrists. + 3 INT FTW! The Gunship battle was just as fun as it was before. This time my tank was on the away team and I got to stand on the edge of doom to heal him. Yay for something different!

 By this time we just knew we were the l33t sauce – nothing could stand in our way… except Deathbringer Saurfang… OMG! Just do yourself a favor and jump off the side of the gunship for the next few hours and save yourself the hassle of wiping on that bastard. Our team was made up of me, a tree, holly pally, 2 prot pallies, 2 DKS, a rogue, a mage and a lock. In that damnable Tanksptot video they showed ranged dps running around the blood beasts and burning them while a hunters frost trap slowed them down. We only had 2 ranged and neither was a hunter, doh. We tried to make it work, we really did. We kept having bad luck with the Mark of the Fallen Champion. It would hit either me or the tree or a tank. We ended up 2 healing it as we switched out a holy pally for a mage. We thought we would be less likely to have a healer get hit with it if we had 2 healers instead of 3 and we would have another ranged dps. It was a good plan until I got hit with it twice in a row. Its an automatic wipe at that point. We tried to B-Rez me to try to get the shit off and it didn’t work – at all. We tried for a good 3 hours before we called it. We all felt a little dejected and pissed off at that point.

 The next day it was off to ToGC. I watched the strat videos from Tankspot. ToGC didn’t look different and they make everything look easy. I got all my consumables and farmed the fish for the feasts. I was prepared, my sproutling had his dancing shoes on, it was all good. Until we started it up. The kobolds take easily four times as long to dps off the affected person. The fire that gets shot at you leaves a stacking debuff that HURTS and cuts right through my bubbles like a hot knife in butter. I always seem to be hit by the fire and this one was particularly painful. Imagine my surprise when I look up and see those damn worms coming out of the door while Gorlock is still at around 20%. OOHHHH FFFFFFF! Oh noes! We panic and wipe.

 We dust ourselves off and try again. This time we burn down Gorlock and are ready for the worms. We wipe again because there was too much paralytic poison and not enough burning bile. People had to run across the whole width of the room to get to the burning bile to get cleansed.

 We try again. Another wipe on the worms. We decide its a good idea to put it back on normal. We wipe again before getting the Northrend Beasts down. We settle into a groove and get down Jaraxxus. Faction Champs can go DIAF! I got killed by tree ents FFS! They don’t fear and there’s no aggro table. They always go for the clothies first. I am fucked every time we go in there. I wish there was a way to commit suicide just to save me the frustration. I could just take my shiny dagger and do a samurai seppuku. I am still frustrated! LOL We called it for the night. Hopefully, next week will be a lot better.

Servers are down… time for screen shots!

Another hour until the Realms are up, if things go way they should. Here’s some screen shots because I’m bored…

This is what happens when you eat random things in the Dalaran sewers:

Look at my tail! It even wiggled... so cute!

ICC rep grind is *boring* and I haven’t done it since. I’m a bad priest… I actually got to dps this one with another Shadow Priest – ZOMG.

Don't cross the streams!

My Teldrassil Sproutling is always out. He’s my favorite pet out of the 81 I have. He’s my very own healer cheerleader and I went so far as the send one to my own Tree Druid. The Sproutling is funny because of his animations and his utter disregard to the things happening around him.

TotC again!? Meh

He was not impressed by Jaraxxus

Don't dance in the corner of doom!

That’s a nice druid from another server that healed one of my HoR runs – I cannot think of her name but she was really awesome.

He is also not impressed by the druid in flight form on a mount...

He was not as impressed as I was with the mounted druid in flight form

The Sproutling has learned Levitate from my priest just in time for BRD. This one is my baby druid.

Take that, Lich King!

This is what my priest used to look like…

Bad dog!!!

Off Topic: Cake!!!

SO… we ordered from Domino’s today for dinner at work. I really don’t ever eat there because I don’t support their moral views. But, chocolate cake called my name. After waiting TWO HOURS for delivery, here’s what I got.

A cute little box:

Inside the box:


I put my Monte Carlo SS key next to the cake to show how tiny it is. And it’s hard as a rock. I was sceptical but I tried it. It tastes like chocolate pizza crust with ice cream topping inside. I am not impressed. My ban of Domino’s continues…

Low Level Instances and Loot

I have been leveling my baby druid like mad in the new LFG system. It not only gives me massive experience and a bit of money but also a cute little goodie bag. The crap thing about the bag is that it gives me stuff I don’t need. It just flings a leather something or other at me, regardless of my class or spec. I’m sure I would love agility as a kitty but as a Restokin, its just not “helpful” other than vendoring it for a gold. It’s just not me that gets stuff they don’t need. People usually pop open their bags right after they get them and you can see what everyone else gets. I saw a DK get a neck with INT and spellpower today. I would have killed to have that neck. I’m still rocking the one from Scarlet Monastery.

Which brings me to another point, I should be able to roll “Need” on caster cloth. Caster leather is few and far between. I very nearly shit a brick when leather legs dropped for me in ZF. I could not believe what I was seeing and haven’t seen it since. Take a look at the casting classes: druids, priests, warlocks, shamans (shamen?) and mages. (I would factor in paladins to a certain point, but only holy pallies and they don’t have to fight for healy plate.) The majority wear cloth, so obviously, more cloth than leather will drop because of higher demand and more classes that can use it. My druid can wear leather AND cloth. Most of the gear on her right now is cloth. I can’t help that every upgrade that comes my way is cloth. I didn’t design the game this way. I’m the one getting punished by not being able to make an appropriate NEED roll when I NEED the item. If Bliz wanted me to wear *only* leather, they should have made it that way. Instead, they went the time saving route and made multiple cloth wearing classes so they wouldn’t have to design more gear than they have to. Considering the staggering amount of work that goes into the game, I can’t blame them for this. But it is absolutely mind boggling that I can’t roll NEED on cloth when I am able to wear it and get good use of it.

Which brings me to my next point, douchey low levels you encounter in low level dungeons. Its to the point that when I see a toon in heirlooms I just want to /cheer at them. At least they have a high level character and know the ropes. They tend to be more understanding and patient with everything. Then you have the noobs and newbs. I met a real Noob, capital N, today in Blood Furnace. I went in as Boomkin because I wanted a stress free run. I got DC’d on the first pull and when I came back the holy priest had dropped group. I offered to heal to make our down time shorter. This was a mistake because in came a hunter by the name of Xaelia of Draenor with a cute kitty pet named Starlight. I tree’d it up with only a few hiccups so our group stayed together for another random which dropped us in Ramps. We flew through it and got to the last boss. Who, you guessed it, dropped caster cloth legs with 3 gem slots. I was still in the leather legs from ZF which were equipable at level 4o-something. I had to greed it and hope for the best. I lost the roll to the huntard. The tank had Q’d us for another random and off we went to Blood Furnance, again. I whispered the huntard and asked if she would trade me the legs because I couldn’t roll need and it was a huge upgrade. She couldn’t use it, a quick inspection and she was in all mail. No response. I tried again, no answer. Not even a “fuck you noob L2P” – not a goddamn thing. I called her out in /p to the horror of my teammates. She never said a word. She was a good hunter so I didn’t have the opportunity to let her die, mores’ the shame. If she would have been a good person and at least replied to me, I would have even called her an excellent hunter. But, she had to go and be a freaking douche nozzle about it. All she needed to say was that she needed the gold from vendoring it and I would have offered her gold for it. I have a rich 80 to support my druid and I could have given her a lot more than the 2 gold it vendors for. You know, I say “she” but I don’t really know. It could be a Chinese gold farmer dude in a basement somewhere.

The final point is, let’s all be nice to each other because Bliz is screwing us all on loot rolls. I told my guildies in /g what happened and my very favorite tank came and ran me through Ramps till it dropped again. We even did Blood Furnance for a shot at the leather legs that drop in there. Kells, you are amazing. I love you more than I should. 🙂

Cue "Jaws" music....

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